Is May now toast?

So I have been watching Theresa Mays statement to Parliament this afternoon and to be honest she looks like toast to me now. David Davis and Boris Johnson are gone, rumours of backbenchers sending letters to the chair of the 1922 committee and a Tory Party more split than ever.

The cabinet agreed at that weekend to accept a common rulebook with the EU, a joint jurisdiction on law, a facilitated customs arrangement (whatever that means), and a mobility framework that ends free movement but favours EU nationals. Now of course I don’t think many people will believe the EU will accept these proposals so we have to be looking at a hard Brexit.

Now I said from the start that I thought May wanted a no deal Brexit but needed the EU to be seen to be the bad guys as the only way she could survive. That appears to be more likely now as far as any deal goes. Things do go in Mays favour though to a small degree, Labour are a joke and in as large a mess as the Tories.

Some are saying this afternoon that May won’t survive the day:

That won’t happen as May is ruthless in staying PM but surely she won’t survive until the next election in 2021. Now I voted leave and have since been clear that I regret that vote on many fronts, I don’t think there will be another EU Referendum, not if the Tories want to stay in power but I can’t see how May stays as PM all that much longer.

The Government are in a mess, Labour are in a mess, the DUP will not accept any deal that makes Northern Ireland different, and the Liberal Democrat’s want to say yes to the referendums they like and no to the ones they don’t. When May talks about sovereignty of the U.K. she means

None of this is anything less than shambolic, can May survive this? Can Scotland afford to stay? What England wants Scotland gets and what May has achieved is the worst of all worlds, May surely now is toast.


Things appear to be moving fast. Interesting times.



  1. Ricky

    May will sacrifice a few bodies to keep power , the alternative will be a Labour party that doesn’t want power because they are just as in much disarray as the Tories , and have even less answers . It will be fun to watch though .

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re correct, she is more ruthless and thick skinned than people think and I think she will do whatever she has to stay in power, even looking stupid and weak won’t bother her at all. Labour are a joke and too many back May so any vote while being close will get passed on a soft Brexit if they for that but we know it doesn’t really matter as the EU won’t accept anything that is cherry picking or breaks the 4 main pillars. It is interesting though and amazing that we have a PM as bad as Brown and a Tory Government worse than Thatcher’s while England drifts into the KKK territory.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. billy

    is this part of tory plan did not expect to lose referendum did not have a clue what to do so kicked the can down the road for nearly two years everything comes to a head all brexiteers decide f this time to go force general election labour wins tories all sigh in relief labours problem job done get to blame labour if goes tits up was not me gov it was corbyn

  3. Anonymous

    They certainly didn’t expect people to vote leave that’s for sure. I have heard some folk say they think the Tories want Labour to pick up the mess but I am not so sure, they hate Corbyn and whose to say that the EU don’t give Labour a good deal. It is a mess though and I really do think May wants a hard Brexit but needs the EU to be the ones to be the bad guys.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Lanark

    I wonder if things could get to the point where the SNP could propose a motion of no confidence in the government. It would then be up to the Labour party to support it and if they did their usual and abstain, that would be a fitting reversal of 1979.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how it works now with the fixed term parliament act but if were the SNP I would be on both the Tories and Labour at every opportunity to show them for what they are, both a total joke. One of them is destroying the country and the other complicit by their inaction, has it ever been as bad in our life times.

      Thanks for commenting.

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