Something Different: ABE

When the SNP held their summer conference the impartial, balanced, accurate, and above criticism Sarah Smith of the BPC (British Propaganda Corporation) asked delegates if they would be supporting England at the World Cup. Sarah, the wee scamp, was looking to stoke up anti-English feeling and give herself the opportunity to claim SNP members were anti-English but I don’t think any took the bait. Well they couldn’t have as it would have been headline news until the end of the year on Reporting Scotchland.

Now many in the yes movement, in the SNP, and wider afield have publicly said they will be supporting England in the World Cup and tomorrow’s quarter final against Sweden. I have even heard Jim White, Alan Brazil and other Scots in the media relate to England as ‘we’ and if that’s what they want to do of course that’s fine.

However, I am not a member of the SNP or a representative of the YES movement and I am most definitely in the ABE (AnybodybutEngland) camp, and not ashamed to admit it. Now I don’t expect to get the grief that Andy Murray got when he declared ABE at the last World Cup but hey Yoons and Rangers fans are Yoons and Rangers fans so you never know.

Now before I have to declare a Yoon Alert I have nothing against English folk other than how many of them vote and virtually all of their MPs, who lets face it, couldn’t be more anti-Scottish in Parliament if they tried, supported by the anti-Scottish Scottish Unionist MPs. So, I am happy to declare that tomorrow I will be a Sweden fan and the reason is the English media. The standard of commentary and analysis of the World Cup has been shocking at best, Lineker and the rest have not only been dismissive of every other country, downright rude, and borderline with some of their comments, they demonstrate an absolute failure to be impartial and balanced and yes, when I am forced to pay the TV tax I expect balance at least.

England haven’t really played a top side yet other than when their reserves got pumped by Belgium’s reserves. Sweden will be a different game altogether for them tomorrow and while England have already won the World Cup, and are bringing it home, there is only the small matter of at least 3 games to go. Now if England win the World Cup good luck to them, between Brexit and that eventuality it might even help the independence cause given that it will be on all the channels, all day, every day for the next 100 years and STV will pay a bumper cost to continue to show England games live on tv while ignoring Scotland games, you know the country they profess to work in and report on.

So come on Sweden, put England out, and I will very happily listen to Talk Sport for 3 hours after the game as the England commentators and English fans absolutely slaughter them for having the bare faced cheek to lose. Should they win and play Russia or Croatia in the semi finals, guess who I will be supporting and I make no apology for it.



  1. Helena Brown

    Not being a football fan nor may I say is the Husband but I shall be hoping that Sweden win tomorrow. Our fingers are well crossed. We have a very close and friendly relationship with Sweden not with England and as I have said before, being booed by a crowd of wealthy enough to be on a cruise , English people, whilst visiting the Vasa Museum for simply saying we came from Scotland. Well those same folk got a good skelping by the guide in Gothenburg who related how an industrial family called Dick had brought jobs schools and the Kirk to the town in the nineteenth century. So give them all you have got Sweden, please for all our sakes beat them.

    • grumpyscottishman

      At the end of the day I don’t really care all that much but I can’t stand the crap that comes along with their commentators, they are bias, which is fair enough, but some of the things they get away with saying is borderline racist and if that were a Scottish commentator saying it there would be hell to pay. They also turn on the head of a pin and when their team lose they go mental, that is very funny to listen to I must say.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Kangaroo

    I am still predicting a Belgium v Croatia final. That means the neighbours go home at some point before then. Go Sweden my new team for tomorrow having supported Tunisia, Panama, Belgium Reserves and Colombia so far.

  3. Bruce Hosie

    Sadly it was not to be. Sweden didn’t turn up and England really didn’t even have to play well. They could male the final, might even win and we just need to make sure we are ready for the onslaught of ingerland and God Save the Windsor’s.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Ricky

    This is what happens when a country doesn’t control its own media , we have to listen to twats . In this house , we have a sneaky suspicion that they are going to win this thing . It will be unbearable if they do , but the fallout from little England’s media just might push soft No’s in our direction .
    Now to play catch up with everyone’s blogs /

  5. Anonymous

    They certainly can win it and if they do then good luck to them because at the end of the day I don’t really care. I rarely watch Scotland play and have only been to a handful of Dundee games in the last year. It’s the commentators that get to me, they are over the top and borderline racist and they don’t even see it. But yes, if they win we will never ever ever hear the end of it and the nutters who trashed cars, an ambulance and a store at the weekend when they actually won sums up too many in England now and I really don’t want to be ruled by them any more and we are ruled by them end of, it has to end.

    Thanks for commenting.

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