Resign, people like McVey have no place in politics

So McVey has been caught blatantly lying to Parliament, there’s a surprise.

I blogged about this Stain of Inhumanity as John McDonnell called her before and today it is worth blogging about this awful woman again.

McVey stood up in Parliament in June and said that the National Audit Office wanted the role out of the diabolical Universal Credit speeded up and that the system was working when in fact it said it wanted a pause on the programme as there was no evidence of the benefits of the system. In fact, as Polly Toynbee points out in the Guardian today,

The NAO found that the DWP’s own surveys showed 40% of claimants said they were experiencing financial difficulties, 20% were not paid in full on time, and 25% said they couldn’t make an online claim. The NAO concluded: “The benefits that it set out to achieve through universal credit, such as increased employment and lower administration costs, are unlikely to be achieved.” Worse, it found a quarter of new claims were paid late, so debts and rent arrears soared: when universal credit is rolled out, local food banks see a 30% upsurge in use, according to the Trussell Trust. Because payment takes five weeks, 60% of new claimants need an advance, which becomes a debt: the NAO says the system will never deliver all claims on time.

McVey however is claiming she misread the report, no she did not, she lied. Sir Amyas Morse, Chair of the National Audit Office, had to make it clear when he wrote to McVey as he had not been able to set up a meeting with her. He noted that:

“I am now reluctantly writing to you to clarify the facts,” he wrote, saying the NAO’s report had been signed off on 8 June. “Our report was fully agreed with senior officials in your department. It is based on the most accurate and up to date information from your department … it is odd that by Friday 15 June you feel able to say that the NAO ‘did not take into account the impact of our recent changes’.”

He added: “I’m also afraid your statement on 2 July, that the NAO was concerned that universal credit is currently rolling out too slowly and needs to continue at a faster rate, is also not correct. My recommendation makes clear that the department must ensure it is ready before it starts to transfer people over from previous benefits.”

Morse also criticised the minister for claiming the report showed that universal credit was working. “The department has not measured how many claimants are having difficulties … 40% of them said they were experiencing financial difficulties and 25% said they couldn’t make an online claim,”

Frank Field, the Labour MP, says McVey has apologised for “dissembling” in one respect. But she has not apologised for the other two things the NAO complained about: McVey saying the report was out of date, and McVey saying the report showed universal credit was working.

It’s bad enough that we know too many politicians hold the voters in contempt but they are actually holding the parliament in contempt as well. All that does is take us one step closer to losing more and more of our democracy, and people like McVey are a stain on our humanity! Now I am not Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, in calling for people to resign or be sacked but his horrible excuse for a human being should not be near power or parliament, she is evil, end of.



  1. trispw

    It’s hard to find the words to describe how I feel about this.

    I have to try to keep them decent.

    If she misread the report, clearly so did her officials, because she wouldn’t have prepared the statement for parliament all on her own. So either she and her top team can’t read (in which case she really should think of another career that doesn’t involve reading) or she can’t understand relatively simple words (in which case I’d suggest maybe she looks for a job where words won’t play a large part in the duties) or she’s just a lying old sack of shit (in which case she is probably in the right job, in the right party, in the right parliament in the right country).

    She has, for as long as I can remember, been the most thoroughly;y unpleasant functionary in the Tory government.

    It is yet another sign that her boss is completely out of her depth. McVey is either incredibly stupid or a lair… but to be fair, if it were the former her officials would have put her right. So, let’s agree that she’s a liar.

    She lied to parliament.

    If I remember correctly that bloke Greene who was deputy prime minister wasn’t sacked for masturbating to porn on his work computer (although most would have been). He was sacked for lying to parliament.

    She has to go.

    Not only did she lie to save her scrawny neck, but she did so know that people were suffering badly, having to go to food banks; getting into rent arrears, and children were going hungry while she lied her arse off.

    May she one day know what it’s like to feel the kind of misery that she has put hundreds of thousands of people, including babies and young children, through.

    She should be replaced and her replacement should be tasked with sorting out this sorry mess.


    • Anonymous

      She is a horrible person indeed and appears to take pleasure in her role, I really can’t see what these politicians get from making people’s lives miserable, it’s not their money it’s all our money, the big problem being the Tories just love to give it away to their pals. There is no doubt she lied and she has not apologised, she should be sacked and not allowed to resign, you just wonder how low this bunch of Tories can go. If there was an effective opposition then this government would have fallen by now, the sad reality is Corbyn has more in common with them than not and I had more time for Miliband. I actually think he was overall a decent man surrounded by idiots and just out if his depth. McVey though is a walking nightmare. She makes Thatcher look nice. I totally despair at the state of our politics now and it beggars belief that they have a go at the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, just shows the level of fear they have of them. I don’t think I have ever hated the UK more than I do now and universal credit is a stain on us all, Iain Duncan Smith has a lot to answer for. This joke of a policy will cost more than the other system did with additional added misery and death for the recipients thrown in. I am ashamed of what, lets face it, English voters are putting this country through.

      Thanks for commenting.

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