Some days I just despair

I was talking to my older brother yesterday, he’s an engineer and pretty smart I would say overall but yesterday when we were chatting still clings to the line ” Scotland can’t afford to be independent”. It just beggars belief really that after all the information, the history of Scotland being ripped off, the cruelty of the Tories that I have to keep asking myself what will it take.

Scotland is not poor, not by any stretch of the imagination, but unionist lies still have an irrational hold on so many people. They lie about oil

They continued to lie during the referendum about oil and how much we contribute.

They lied about everything really and yet some people, sadly like my brother refuse to see it , they even admitted they lied, and yet some people just can’t or won’t see it.

I am starting to think we are fighting a lost cause with so many no voters, they are either Britnats, or they are beaten down, suffering from jockholme syndrome and blind. Even with the worst Government ever YES can’t get ahead in the polls.

Its not all shit though, we know that things are slowly changing, we need to keep up the hard work with blogs, posters and fighting the lies.

There are people we will never reach sadly but I have to believe that there are others we can, some days it does beggars belief but we have to keep at it, keep going because the alternative is a nightmare that none of us should under estimate.



  1. Bob Nugent


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    • Anonymous

      I try to show people stuff when I have the chance but some people just point blank refuse to see it, they just won’t or can’t see Scotland as a state again. Yeah Scotland is a country but it might as well just be a region for all they are willing to understand, it is all so sad really. Why would you not want to be in control of your own affairs.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Helena Brown

    I agree with Bob.
    I had an argument in all places Asda, in the closing days of the referendum. I was buying the Sunday Herald, when it was pretending to be pro. Well the woman behind the counter asked if I was pro independence, I said yes. She and her rather dumb co-worker said that Scotland was too wee and too poor to go it alone. I said given we find the UK with our oil and food exports, but no they were not listening. Later I should have said scathingly that there they were earning minimum wage,on a Sunday morning, and I was a customer who did not have to work. Who was smarter? .
    I blame Labour, who use these people to provide them with the money and status regardless of what happens to them.

    • Anonymous

      I think we have all had those conversations. There are people who are just British end of, I don’t agree with them as I have never been British as far as I am concerned but I can respect their view. What I don’t get are the people who refuse to see the truth or are too stupid to understand what is going on around them. Then you have folk like my brother, smart intelligent people in their 50s who just can’t see past the lies and just accept what the lying media tell them even though they must know what is going on. They hate the SNP for no particular reason, enjoy the benefits of competent government but still vote Labour, I don’t get them at all. A YES vote is a vote for a better future for my kids and at least the knowledge that when I pop my clogs I do it in an independent Scotland, even if I am temporarily poorer it would be worth it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. George

    That 2% will never be convinced unless circumstances are such that their belief in the union and the damaging effects of EU membership are shaken through personal experience of how unequal the UK is and how bad things will get post brexit.

    So how bad does it need to get?
    – Dissolution of the Scottish Parliament?
    – Laws enacted by Holyrood, that the tories don’t like, abolished (right to roam for one)?
    – Privatising of the NHS?
    – Re-working of boundaries to reduce the number Scottish MPs at Westminster?
    – Death of fishing industry as European markets are lost and fish sales crash?
    – Death of seasonal agriculture as there’s no-one to harvest the crops?

    I’m sure readers can easily lengthen the list.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Westminster would ever dissolve Holyrood but they will damn well make it as weak as they can and turn into a glorified council in all but name. They will tweak things to effect Barnett to make it impossible for Holyrood to be successful, esp around services, they will ensure that keep control of the levers that could make Scotland more successful than England as that would not do at all. I don’t know how bad it has to get for some people and there are those who will never change. We just have to keep at it as best we can, the next vote will be close, very close. I suppose we need to have a bad Brexit sadly to get the point across, we need the UK to get poorer and there to be more attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable. What a sorry state of affairs to try and get people to wake the f up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Alan

    Take a look at Wings’ latest poll.

    I suspect the problem with the independence question is that it has become an emotional issue for many people, just like Brexit has. Lots of people who committed to Yes/No in 2014 are unchanged. Same for Remain/Leave voters in Scotland.

    Just like 100 years ago, we’re all entrenched. 😦

  5. Bruce Hosie

    I agree with that. We are all fighting for around 10% of the vote and who knows how it will turn out. I know the U.K. is over , it’s best days if there ever were any are behind it. This is a country stuck in the dark ages, the Windsor’s, a class ridden country as bad as it always has been, oh it’s subtle now but it still dominates all our lives and far too many people believe their place and vote accordingly, so very sad. I have never been as disgusted as I am now with the U.K., it is a horrific disgusting place and people better wake up real soon or it will be too late.

    Thanks for commenting.

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