A Headline I Agree With

As Stuart at Wings has taught us the headline is rarely the story, and in most cases doesn’t even relate to the story, but a headline I saw today is so very true and one I agree with.

Theresa May is an awful Prime Minister, and as far as I am concerned not even a human being. I sometimes think that she is the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime but then Gordon Brown(stuff) rears his anti Scottish head and I see it’s a draw.

Theresa May is beyond useless. Her record is atrocious as PM and as Home Secretary she introduced 4GS to the English criminal justice system in the full knowledge her husband is a shareholder. She brought in the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, the snoopers charter. She gave her now famous anti immigrant speech where she helped fuel the far right in England.

May advocates leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, she promised an energy price cap and bills have risen. She gave the horrible DUP a billion pounds from the magic money tree to keep her arse in Number 10, she voted against the hunting ban, and against equality and human rights.

She voted for all military action , while voting for a reduction in housing benefit, against raising social security benefits and against higher disability benefits, for the reduction in all other welfare benefits, voted for a rise in vat and against higher taxes on cheap alcohol , voted against tax rises for the rich. Oh she is also a Christian and her belief in God determines her political beliefs, yeah really.

When in Scotland she not only avoids ordinary people, she also talks a lot of pish like Britain will flourish outside of the EU but Scotland won’t outside of the U.K., her bullshit hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Theresa May is not only a garbage Prime Minister and a Tory, she is a horrible and vindictive human being who should not be allowed anywhere near the levers of power, even Corbyn would be better.



  1. trispw

    As Home Secretary she promised that she would get to the bottom of the child abuse scandals.

    She appointed the sister of someone who was involved in the alleged cover-up/loss of files as the judge to oversee the inquiry despite the fact that she MUST have known the relationship. She refused to back down until public pressure forced the judge to stand down herself.

    Then, unbelievably, she appointed another judge who was also closing involved with someone whose husband was under suspicion. Making that mistake once was stupid beyond belief; making it twice was wicked as well as stupid. We know she wanted to protect those at the top from being caught with their hands where they shouldn’t have been but really, did she have to go about her cover up in such a cack-handed way?

    Does she think we zip up the back?

    Finally, she appointed a New Zealand judge who, hopefully, was going to be far enough removed from the high society suspects to be a safe pair of hands. But a year later the judge resigned citing as a reason that her hands had been tied by the Home Office.

    Since then I think someone else has been appointed but as the complainants seem to have lost all confidence (and I don’t blame them) in the great British, or rather, English, justice system, the whole things seems to have fizzled out, and more and more files appear to have disappeared from the Home Office archives. Ones with names of top people from all parts of the establishment.

    Odd that. But happily for some, they will have got away with it.

    Then there was the scrapping of all the paperwork to do with Windrush. A woman utterly determined to rid her green and pleasant land of as many foreigners as possible ordered the destruction of papers that showed the rights of these people. And her motto was “deport now and hear appeals later”.

    She’s undoubtedly the most incompetent, useless prime minister I can remember and on top of it, she is evil and wicked. And of course like all of the people at the top, she professes to be deeply religious.

    Now today she has spent the morning stuttering and stumbling, in anything but a strong and stable manner, through a pile of lies about the NHS and an imaginary Brexit Bonus, which her own government’s analyses point out WILL NOT EXIST.

    Despicable awful fiend of a woman.

    But a friend to Scotland because her incompetence and ineptitude are driving people to us.

  2. Bruce Hosie

    I really can’t stomach her at all. I think she is a liar and a spiteful disgusting excuse for a human being. I think she would breed hate to stay in power and just plays a game to protect the least deserving. A horrible woman who will lead this country over a cliff and I really doubt that she gives a crap about Scotland at all.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. smac1314

    Brown was incompetent but May is both evil and incompetent so she just shades it for me as the worst PM ever. What’s astounding is Corbyn can’t lay a glove on her.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Yeah fair point but Brown was also a bully but May is a total joke, just a liar and total plank. I really despise her a lot and the fact the media let her away with everything really gets on my nerves.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Ricky

    I can’t say what May as a person is like , never me her . But she is way out of her depth as PM , was way out of her depth at the Foreign Office and way way out of her depth when it comes to Scotland . Is she incompetent , yes , is she spiteful ……this week at PMQ’s looks like that is confirmed . Will her and her Tories break up the UK ……… we can only hope .

    • grumpyscottishman

      She is way out of her depth that’s for sure, I think she is a real nasty piece of work overall. I think the good thing is her and her government only care about England and that could be their undoing if they are not very careful. I have heard a few staunch no voters saying they are getting sick of it now so lets hope Labour keep going the way they are going as too many yoons only need the slightest excuse to vote Labour.

      Thanks for commenting.

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