What will it take?

How much more does Scotland have to take before we start to really make our voice heard. Today was the most shameful scene I have seen in Westminster regarding Scotland. Below is a discussion I had tonight, am I so wrong.

I’m sorry but it’s time for us to walk away and force a constitutional crisis if we can. Talking has and will achieve nothing with the unionists and persuasion just gets us the tweet below

I really believe the SNP have to take a harder line or we have already lost. If the scene in Westminster isn’t enough to hurt and sting enough to act then nothing will. Either there is serious and visual action or my fear is people start to walk away, it’s not defeatist and over reaction it’s reality. If all I have is talking and listening to our MPs talking then nothing changes or gets worse and maybe I walk away and look after my own family as best I can.

Sorry for the typos in the tweets. Tonight has been a huge kick in the balls to Scotland. How the SNP respond tonight might well just decide the fate of the YES movement, no strong action I believe is the start of the end as frustration at inaction takes hold. I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I’ve had enough of talking and playing by their rules. I’m sorry but it’s how I feel.



  1. Ricky

    Its time to legally dissolve the union . To be honest I wasn’t surprised , and neither were you , we knew this would happen , because that’s what Tories and Labour do . Half of Scotland knows this shit , its the other half that needs to wake up to the danger facing them and their families . Having just watched BBC and STV report this , the other half won’t have a clue to what just happened . Its up to us to tell them .

    • Bruce Hosie

      I agree we all knew the Scottish
      Parliament was going to be ignored and sidelined, what did even surprise me was they would not even debate the power grab and then justify it by implying that the welsh assembly speaks for
      Scotland now because they agreed a deal. Totally disgusting. I expected the unionists to play down its significance and we saw that last night on Scotland Tonight. Now of course it will be played down today or not reported so the vast majority won’t even know what took place. As usual Westminster using ignorance to do whatever they want so for me a harder line has to be used now. The talking is over and waiting for the result of Brexit I fear is not near enough, inaction by the SNP will drive people away. I’ll always believe in independence but it’s obvious it won’t be achieved through talking so it’s time to walk away and dissolve the union and if not enough people care then let’s just dissolve Scotland as we won’t deserve to be called a country anyway. I have always thought that and said in the past.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Brian

    So, if the SNP MPs return to the HOC tomorrow, or the day after etc, what will have been achieved?
    Blackford was angry, but he contained and managed it… and made the right decision. Bercow handled it badly.
    The SNP needs to do something in this moment. Simply returning meekly to the HOC will be seen as a defeat.

  3. Brian

    Oops, pressed too soon… totally agree with your sentiment:
    “it’s time for us to walk away and force a constitutional crisis”

    • Bruce Hosie

      Some of the them are sadly there this afternoon. The SNP are playing this wrong, I’ve had enough with the talking now, Westminster is shit and they don’t want us. If the SNP just play the game then I’ll need to have a serious think as I suspect many in YES will. I’ve already had a few chats with big yes voters who are saying that if the SNP cave in its over they will just abstain from voting altogether and get on with their lives and Scotland will get all that it deserves, I have sympathy for that view.

      Thanks for Commenting.

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