The Good Referendum

So, yet again, the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s are banging on about another referendum.

Christine Jardine MP wants all Scottish MPs to back an amendment that says the people should have the final vote on the Brexit deal. Where was she demanding the people have a final vote on the Smith Commission.

The next two days will see Westminster debate the House of Lords Brexit amendments, this will result in powers being removed from the Scottish Parliament against its will. The Tories have even admitted there may not be enough time to even debate the Scottish amendments and the power grab will go ahead unchallenged.

That should alarm everyone but it shouldn’t surprise anyone either as the so called Vow has been broken repeatedly, even the Scottish Parliament is at the whim of the Tories in Westminster as even wee Willie admits.

So today and tomorrow our democracy will be trampled all over by Westminster and the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s know it. So while they should be going mental and fighting for democracy for Scotland we know they won’t as the only way to bring real democracy to Scotland is through independence and we know what wee Willie thinks of that don’t we

You see the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s only want the referendums they like, the democracy they like. Federalists my arse, they would not accept a federal question in 2014, unionist through and through. The Scottish Liberal Democrat’s only fight for the democracy and referendums they agree with on their terms even though they know that to have any control over what happens in Scotland can only truly come through independence.

Democracy deniers.



  1. Alan

    Trolls. Every time a Lib Dem opens their mouth and starts whine about wanting the SNP to do something for them, I want to break something. Because those hypocrites will never support an IndyRef2, even if the second EU referendum they want results in a second Leave victory.

    Give them no more air time please. They’re not worth it.

    • Bruce Hosie

      I know I blogged about this about 2 years ago when Tim Farron raises the idea but it is so important to keep at their hypocrisy and double standards. There will be another indy ref at some point in the next couple of years so we have to keep hammering away at them, keep them defensive and on the back foot.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alan

        Nah. They’re at 5%? 7%? Their few MPs and constituency MSPs borrowed from Labour and Tory voters heavily. The best way to kill the Lib Dems off would be to persuade remain voters in general to back independence.

        Save the hammers for the Tories.

        • Bruce Hosie

          Fair point but I think we challenge them all as long as the unionist media give them as much air time as they do but we won’t beat the media that’s for sure.

          Thanks for commenting.

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