Something Different: Bryan Adams

I am dipping back into 80s pop rock again although I’m sure Bryan Adams would hate to be classed that way. I have always liked Bryan Adams and have most of his albums, well cds, so here is my view on his albums.

My favourite is probably Into the Fire from 1987.

This album was just a more mature album, while not that well received from the critics I enjoyed it as it felt more grown up. Songs like Native Son, Home Again and Remembrance Day just felt like you had to put more effort in to what he was saying. There are also decent harder rock tracks like Only the Strong Survive, Hearts on Fire , Rebel.

The next album I would go for would be Reckless from 1984 and his big break album.

This is a great album also and very close to my number 1. Songs like Run to You, Somebody, Heaven, It’s Only Love , Summer of 69 and Kids Wanna Rock are all summer anthems and brilliant pop rock songs.

Next I’ll go for Cuts Like a Knife from 1983, and the first Bryan Adams album I heard.

This is another strong album overall with a few great tracks. Songs like This Time, Cut’s Like a knife , Take Me Back and Straight From The Heart all very strong and I’m Ready is a brilliant track when he plays it acoustically. A really good rocking album.

Next I’ll go for Bryan Adams Unplugged from MTV in 1997.

I remember watching this and being really impressed with the performance and the sound. Most of the songs are dropped a level and work really well. I’m Ready , Back To You, When You Love Someone, and Heaven really stand out but all the tracks are good to be fair. Others include A Little Love , Summer of 69, 18 Til I Die and Fits You Good excellent also. Really good album overall.

On A Day Like Today from 1998 is next on my list.

I had kinda stopped listening to Bryan Adams all that much after a couple of albums that I just struggled to get into but this album restored my faith and was Bryan at his near best. Cloud Number Nine, When You’re Gone, How Do You Feel Tonight, Inside Out are the really strong tracks for me but If I Had You, I Don’t Want To Live Forever, and Getaway are good rock tracks. Well worth a listen.

Next up is You Want It You Got It from 1981.

For me this is a pop rock album and the one that probably defines the Bryan Adams sounds. Tracks like Lonely Nights, One Good Reason, Tonight, and Last Chance are my favs but Fits You Good, Coming Home, No One Makes It Right, and Jealousy work well.



  1. Ricky

    Reckless was the first Bryan Adams album I bought , Summer of ’69 stuck in head for years , good album the duet with Tina Turner is a classic on It’s Only Love . Cuts Like A Knife is arguably a better album though Reckless was a career rocket of an album .The MTV unplugged series as a whole was huge , and showcased a lot of bands proper talents , and Adams was no exception , you should check out Pearl Jam and Nirvana’z unplugged MTV sessions . Bryan Adams the man who almost killed Robin Hood , that bloody song , even though its a great tune , annoys the hell out of most only because the length it was at number one for , think Jennifer Rush – Power Of Love and then try not to puke . Funnily enough speaking of annoying female artists Bryan Adams and Mel C had a really good song ‘When Your Gone’ that is catchy as hell , the only Spice Girl who could sing . Overall his albums are hit and miss , but on all of them is a gem of at least one track , and how many artists can say that .

    • grumpyscottishman

      Yeah hit and miss pretty much sums up Bryan Adam albums. I did watch some of the MTV Unplugged series, didn’t see Pearl Jam as not into them at all but remember seeing Nirvana, but again not a fan. I saw Duran Duran who were good but it really wasn’t a full on unplugged, George Michael was good and McCartney ok but he chose poor tracks overall when you think what he has done in his career. REM were pretty good and I have three of their albums on the ipod.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Ricky

        George Michael was good , I’ll admit that , as were REM , but then again they were exceptional live . I can recommend Complete Studio Albums Warner Bros Vol 1 for REM , 60 tracks some really good stuff . You can buy cheap CD’s from Music Magpie , the bargains you can find are amazing /

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