Labour, give me a break.

One of the very few Labour MPs that I pay attention to is David Lammy and I sent him a tweet the other day.

I was of course being sarcastic but low and behold I saw this tweet tonight and it just beggars belief.

Does anyone know what Labour stand for because I don’t. In Scotland the branch manager is the hapless Richard Leonard and of course his boss is Jeremy abstain Corbyn. How can anyone take this party seriously.

In fact they don’t, in the face of the most useless PM in the history of the U.K., well since Gordon Brown at least, and the worst Government in my lifetime Labour are still behind in the polls on 39%.

When so many unionists in Scotland refuse to back YES in the hope that Labour will be back in power they need to wake up. There is more chance of the Liberals being in Government than Labour. This party has to be the most useless party known to man ever.

Total joke. I hope I get to see some of the debate just to watch them abstain 15 times on every amendment. We cannot get out of the U.K. quick enough for my liking.



  1. Ricky

    Labour are for Labour , nothing new . Wouldn’t let them anywhere near power again , every time they get into power , they completely screw the economy . If Labour voting people knew the amount of abstentions from their party , surely they would stop voting for them , or at least with hold their vote until they get their act together . Personally would never vote for a party that wasn’t Scottish , and didn’t put Scotland first .

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t even know why I bother blogging about them anymore they are such a joke of a party to be honest. They have no shame and no honour. I voted for them the first time I ever voted as I didn’t know better and there was no Holyrood then but after that I never voted for them again. I vote SNP as the means to an end and I hope that once independent, and if I am still interested, I would probably shift back to the Lib Dems to be honest.

    Thanks for commenting.

    • Ricky

      If the SNP don’t help deliver independence , my vote will transfer to the Greens until we are independent . After that dunno .

      • Bruce Hosie

        I think the SNP will fight for indy2, they don’t have a choice or they would lose support on mass and I think they understand that. There are some who say they won’t fight hard once Westminster refuse but I don’t know. Once independent I’ll probably return to the Lib Dems or like you Green.

        Thank you for commenting.

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