The English Project with a bit of Scottishness thrown in by me

The BBC commissioned a poll to look into ‘The English Question’ and the results are interesting, well I think so anyway. This is also interesting from the point of view that, as recently as yesterday, I was accused of being anti-English and anti-England for being anti-Westminster. It was from Jill Stephenson so you can’t read anything into it given her past record on social media, it was illuminating though and is maybe a blog for another day but it did get me thinking about Englishness and Britishness being rolled into one and the many, or it feels that way, seem to have real difficulty in differentiating between the two. So what do English people think?

The project found that 80% of people in England identify themselves as strongly English, and 72% of those over 65 are proud to be English but only 45% of those under 24 felt the same way. 82% felt equally British which is really interesting as only 29% of Scots in 2016 felt the same way.

53% felt that England was the best country in the world or better than most other countries. 72% felt that the English have a sense of fair play, yeah really I’m not joking. 79% felt that being born in England makes you English, it was higher in Scotland with 87% saying born in Scotland. 38% felt that if a person consider themselves English it’s fine but only 31% in Scotland felt the same way. Does that make England slightly more inclusive. I have always felt personally that anyone deciding to live, work, raise a family and die in Scotland, no matter where they are from, are Scottish but most others don’t.

Only 41% support there being an English Parliament and that does not surprise me as I have always felt that Westminster is the English Parliament and even more so when Cameron brought in English Votes for English Laws. 38% felt it is more important to them that the Union between England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is maintained, even if it means putting it before the interests of England. Roughly 46% of voters in Scotland support Scottish independence, 54% no with 18% don’t knows from the total amount. 50% of English and Welsh people opposed Scottish independence in 2017 which was down from 66% in 2014.

There are some differences in the views of English and Scottish voters, and some similarities as we should expect. I have no issue with Englishness or England at all, no matter how many unionists try to equate a belief in Scottish Independence with being anti-English, my problem with England is Westminster and while I don’t like how English voters vote that is their choice as is how I vote mine. In 2015 a Sunday Times Poll found that 22% of English people had a very negative or negative view of Scots and likewise only 7% of Scots felt the same way, rather dispels the unionist mantra of the anti English Scottish voters.



  1. Helena Brown

    I am laughing at your being upbraided by the notorious Jill Stephenson, daft bitch that she is. I saw that bit on the news on TV this morning, oh one of these days we will get shot of the beeb.
    I thought it interesting that the young in England do not seem to have pride I being English which was contrast to the Scots young, who are happy being Scots.
    Now I had little problem with the English,but it seems to be a big problem with those from the South East, but having been booed by a bus load in Stockholm on my sixty fifth birthday for merely saying we were from Scotland, they had universally said they came from England. I should say this was in 2012 so well before the Referendum. We also listened to the remarks made in loud voices on our various P&O Cruises. Heard all sorts of horror stories from other passengers who were unfortunate to have chosen shared dining tables. I am quite fed up with the lot of them. I have to say that the Swedish guide was absolutely shocked we simply sat there and looked nonchalant. Of course there was the very proper sounding man who then shouted up the bus that we were all British, well he might have been I haven’t acknowledged that since I was in me teens. The sooner they go off on their own the better.

    • Bruce Hosie

      It appears that maybe tolerance down South is not for viewers in Scotland. They def have an age devide on many issues as we do on the referendum question. Yeah yesterday was an eye opener, the abuse was all subtle and not a lot of overt but the unionists are like locusts they really are. They totally swarm and attack on mass lol and they call is cyber nats lol. Some got a bit upset when I admitted I was taking the piss, oh well it was fun.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. trispw

    Well, you have one up on me. The Loonie Professor has never directed as much as a word, unkind or not, in my direction.

    However, I’m proud to say that Andrea Loathsome did block me on Twitter, and did the most regal and noble Lardship, the Baron ffoulkes of Hic.

    Beat THAT!

    • Bruce Hosie

      I basically made silly statements but not overly silly, made some deliberate spelling mistakes, did a lot of oh dears and lols to see how they would react. Oh my God, talk about locusts, they swarm very quickly and in numbers, some offensive but arguments based on looking at the past and always the economy, an eye opener. Had another little debate last night with one but after I warned him if he did one ffs then the conversation was over he was fine. But they don’t get it, I asked a lot of questions about democracy but they don’t really care about actually having one. They really are happy for another country to dominate the process and I’m effext govern them. It is the saddest thing in the world. Imagine not wanting to govern yourself.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • mearnsgeek

        Wow. That makes for depressing reading and pretty much confirms my thoughts on them which is that they will cling to their support for the union regardless of whatever shit comes our way.

        • Anonymous

          They must have around 30% core unionist vote that never change I suppose, I don’t get it personally. The UK is a joke and going down the tubes what can’t they see.

          Thanks for commenting.

  3. billy

    poor wee english cannot decide if they really are english or british twats they have always been english britain was made up to run the colonies and feed the profits back to england when it was brought about nothing changed english laws and customs still remained hence henry the eighth law the only thing that was changed was the name england to britain and wales scotland and northern ireland was ruled by england/britain so everything was just changed from english to british but underneath it has always been england and nothing has changed for over 300yrs so poor english can find thier englishness by just peeling back the british label the twats

    • Bruce Hosie

      Many don’t see the difference between English and British, it’s how they are raised and educated. I do suspect there are many with a superior attitude but again that is down to what they see around them and what they are taught. It is sad that some can’t see themselves for what they are and we have enough in Scotland also. Our system of government, built on class and privilege is a huge part of the problem and it is not going to change so independence is our only option.

      Thanks for commenting.

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