Not being held to account

Not that long ago Theresa May said that she would curb unfair energy price hikes, this was in her conference speech last October and played a big part in her council election campaign in April this year.

The media were very quick to report this wonderful news, we would all be better off.

But we know our prices have went up, I’ve had letters from British Gas telling me that and it has been reported, but not by the media but blogs and little known sites.

The rises will be hitting us this weekend and we will all be worse off.

Fuel poverty remains a huge issue in Scotland but like child poverty, the Tories just don’t really record it anymore but the most recent figures are horrific.

This begs a few questions for me. When will our shit media hold the Tories and Theresa May to account, I won’t hold my breath, and why isn’t this question being asked of Prime Minister in waiting, the thick and vacuous, Ruth Davidson. Again don’t hold your breath, according to Davidson capitalism works for Scotland, does it hell. It works for the very small elite band of rich people that Ruth Davidson is a servant of.

The U.K. is a disgusting place to live in right now and we have got to keep showing why this is so and by highlighting Tory and unionist hypocrisy we can make it shameful again for anyone to admit they vote for these scumbags.

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10 Responses to Not being held to account

  1. trispw says:

    From one day to the next you just haven’t a clue what they stand for because they stand for whatever suits the situation at that time.

    Vapid, useless, and yet largely unchallenged by their press or their BBC.

  2. Tris
    They will say anything to anyone with no intention of following it through because they know the public will forget and the media will not hold them to account, this country is broken beyond repair and it always has been.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Sir,

    Waiting for the media to hold the Tories accountable in relation to doing anything beneficial for the people is like waiting for the unicorn to appear at the Edinburgh Market Cross, alongside with the flock of flying pigs that appears to fly pass the unicorn at the same time.

    Actually I think I’d probably first see the unicorn and the flying pigs in my lifetime.


  4. Ricky says:

    This is how you convert a No to a Yes . England are building 2 new nuclear power stations , this we all know . Here at home in sunny Scotland , we are moving to a full renewable sector for energy , everyone knows this as well . What people may not know or understand is the cost per kilo watt of energy , and the extra cost we in Scotland have to pay to the grid . This is where we win . At the moment energy generation costs roughly £65 – £70 per kilo watt hours , and our bills are huge . The two new nuclear plants are rumoured to have a fixed price of £94 per kilo watt hours , you can see the fear we all have right now , our bills rising by a 1/3 , but renewable energy generation has fallen to £55 per kilo watt hours . The more we use and invest in renewable energy the better off financially we all get because it keeps getting cheaper . What we do know is taxes in the UK will go up by £2000 per year to pay for the NHS in England which is on it knees , we know that by 2025( when the stations are built ) our energy bills will rise by 1/3 , over the price it will be in 7 years , we know austerity will last another 10 years at least and then on top of that we have WTO trade rules killing the country .
    Just how do we avoid this , A SIMPLE CROSS NEXT TO YES .
    I have a challenge for you , next week Mon – Fri , blog about something positive happening either where you live or Scotland as a whole . Take a Tory break you know they’ll still be Tories after the break .

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah the energy thing is a total rip off and it did get asked in Westminster a few months ago when I was watching it and of course the energy minister, can’t remember his name, was not for changing anything. It looked like to me that Scotland was subsidizing the South East who have greater energy needs. I’m not for nuclear power to be honest, think what could be done with that kind of investment in renewables. Something Different is my break lol. I just try to write about things that catch my eye and annoy me that other people don’t really bother all that much about or I try to highlight hypocrisy in my own ignorant way. I have had a few people say that the blog got them thinking enough to go and look at things in more detail eventually shifting to YES and that is a good thing and while I blog for myself mainly if some people get convinced then have a think then that is great. But if see anything that cheers me up then I’ll do a blog so you can see that I am a totally miserable bastard :), although my wife might disagree.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Ricky says:

        You always write well , its always informative , and has that passion and feeling that comes right through when your reading it . The anger you feel , we all feel , and winning more people over to Yes and let them see what we see , is an amazing thing for any blogger to do .
        Scotland is subsidizing the South East , this is from 2014 , I can’t seem to find any update on these prices .

        • Ricky
          Thanks, as I have always said I blog mainly for myself or I would be a very very angry man. If anyone gets something from the blog or it encourages them to find out a little more then that is excellent also. You’re correct, Scotland is subsidizing England energy and a lot more but you will never hear the press or the yoons discuss it. I was having a debate last night with a yoon about this huge deficit an independent Scotland will have. A young woman and just sad that she feels the way she does, I was trying to get her to think about the things we won;t do when independent like Trident, the Lords, the Foreign Office, different economic decisions but she just wouldn’t have it. She tried to be patronizing but that didn’t really work out well for her at all but so many BritNats are just not willing to open their minds to the fact that they are being lied to.

          Thanks for commenting.

  5. Lanark says:

    Ah but how long until the renewable energy runs out? As the British Nationalists will say.

    (thanks to BBC Scotlandshire for that)


    • Lanark
      Yeah no doubt that will be their next line of attack, in an independent Scotland the wind won’t blow, the sun won’t shine and the seas will be clam all the time.

      Thanks for commenting.

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