A Vow and Shit Sandwich

So Ruth ‘ Colonel Tankstraddler ‘ Davidson is trying to paint herself as the caring Tory in her latest unchallenged bullshit.

What is it with unionists and vows , unionists and talking shit. A vow and shit sandwich indeed, and like Labour a lot of words with no substance or facts.

Allegedly the Tory leader Ruth Davidson has called for an end to tax breaks for the wealthy and more open immigration under plans to make the party a “credible force” for Government in Scotland.

Pull the other one, Ruth the caring , sharing Tory my arse. Ruth hopes this sweeping vision (lol) will take her to power in 3 years time and oust Nicola Sturgeon. Ruth wants the capitalist policies that have driven hundreds of thousands to food banks rather than starvation to ” work better for Scots ” .

Ruth said “We need to rebuild consensus in our capitalist system, in our institutions and a liberal way of life,” Willie Rennie will be pissed, she is now a Liberal as well as a missionary.

There will be extra money for the NHS like there always is, garden villages and garden towns, and a partridge in a pear tree. Where does she get off ignoring the recent history of her party that have caused all the problems she implies she can fix. Total scumbag and overly protected by the media. This woman is a wolf in sheeps clothing nothing more.

I am so sick of her, her party, and the people who both believe this shit and vote for it. Anyone voting Tory should be ashamed and thank god enough people will see through her shit to ensure she doesn’t become First Minister, but to ensure she never does people need to vote SNP as I would not trust the Liberals and Labour Parties to not put her in power if they could, they are as vacuous and disgusting as she is.

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10 Responses to A Vow and Shit Sandwich

  1. Ricky says:

    Ruth will never be First Minister , she is pitching for a cushy little Tory stronghold . Expect Ruth to stand down ” due to her pregnancy ” and then turn up in England somewhere . I’m sure the people of her constituency won’t miss her , after all how can you miss any politician who has only held 1 surgery . Hope the people of Edinburgh who were duped by the media attack on the sitting SNP msp feel duly ashamed , and rectify the situation in the next election .

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think she will resign her seat or that she even has the support of all that many Tories. I think they know, as we do, that she is as thick as shit. She has no power at all in the Tory Party but is tolerated, she is everything the power within that party hate. She is a woman, in a same sex relationship ( which doesn’t bother sane people like us ) but winds up many in her party and she is Scottish. She will never lead the whole party, they will just continue to use her as long as they think she can deliver at least one seat in Scotland. Even fluffy Mundell has more sway than her and he has zero, without the press she is just another clown who when put under pressure wilts, personally I think she is an ignorant , spiteful and horrific Tory of the worst kind, she is also a stupid one.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. George Wyllie says:

    This creature has cornered the market in crocodile tears. She can say whatever she likes as she is in no position to do anything about any of it, while still strongly supporting the maybot. Got to defend its desire for a safe tory English seat.

    • George
      I just don’t think she is as liked in the Tory Party as the media like to suggest because they know how thick she is as well as we do. She has no power and plays the victim card because she can’t stand up to scrutiny or reasoned debate as she would lose. I can’t stand her.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Bob Nugent says:


    • Bob
      You are not far wrong, it’s not just the blind leading the blind. it’s the deaf and blind leading the deaf and blind and I mean no disrespect to those people with those conditions, they are attacked by Tory Policy like the rest. Total clowns the both of them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Alan says:

    I don’t think Ruth is as thick as her worst detractors claim she is. Her problem is, she has always taken the easier option. Even if they trap her in the long term.

    Easiest way to become leader of a political party in Scotland(at least, before 2011)? Tories. Easiest way to win IndyRef? Let Labour be her front. Easiest way to fake a surge in party support? Hoover up the Leave vote whilst all other parties in Scotland back Remain.

    I don’t really want to make a political issue out of a baby, but it is undeniable that she has chosen the timing. Ruth should be on maternity leave around the time Brexit hits and then she has the option of taking a career break to look after her child until it can attend nursery or even primary school. Then, she can try to resume her career, having easily avoided responsibiity for everything that happens in the next four or five years.


    Stephen Bush has a great assessment of how ‘stuck’ Ruth ought to be. But his analysis doesn’t even glance at how the future existence of Ruth Jr could affect her career and her entire perception of the world. Might even make her a Yesser! And if not, we know Ruth is a master of the photo opportunity. Worst-case, that kid could end up as the face of the next No campaign.

  6. Alan
    Thanks I will check it out.

    Thanks for the link.

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