Bowing and Scraping with a bit of Arse Kissing on the side!

Jackie Baillie, British Nationalist Labour MSP and supporter of weapons of mass destruction, just made my Sunday morning so much more funnier.

You see it would appear that Harry Windsor and his wife have been given a title that no one in the sane world has ever heard of but Jackie the gift that keeps giving Baillie tweeted this:

Now I’m sure Jackie will have expected a wee bit of a backlash and backlash she got. Here are some that just made me have a wee chuckle and made my Sunday morning so much more enjoyable .

I’ve always thought that Jackie Baillie was a very poor man’s Murdo Fraser, so Jackie thanks for the laughs this morning and as a wee thank you here are the papers you need to buy for your Royal collection of arse kissing Britishness and some photos on what you need to do when Harry and his missus get lost and end up in Dumbarton.


The British Labour Party in Scotland , the party of the many and the socialist voice of Scotland, lol, Red Tories through and through.



    • grumpyscottishman


      Some of them are so funny, Jackie Baillie the gift that can’t stop giving. I just had to do a wee blog about it after being proud of myself for avoiding virtually everything about it by just not having the tv and the radio on for like 3 days lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t often laugh out loud having my cup of tea in the morning, I’m usually thinking, shit I have work tomorrow but today was a pleasant change. Some of the replies were so funny she must be regretting opening her mouth as much as we normally do when she opens it.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ricky

    Things of notice , 1. that poor cartoon woman is in desperate need of a pee , 2. The royals must have some grip and hand strength , all those people nearly on the deck .

    • Anonymous

      It’s unreal that in 2018 this nonsense still goes on, people must really laugh at the UK in the sane world. I have met a few of them due to my job and I remember meeting the Queen and the people that visit first to do the prep told me as I was the first person she would meet was you have to bow, I said no, they said you refer to her as Her Majesty if she talks to you, I said no. She said hello so I asked her how it was going lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

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