Total shame on May

Just when you thought Theresa May and her disgusting Government couldn’t get any shittier you see this news that as far as I know has not been reported in the U.K. media, and if that’s true an equally big disgrace.

All the talk this week of disagreeing with the USA moving their embassy and even on Monday this story appeared denying the U.K. was also.

So what is the truth, or is May just a reactionary and a liar of the worst kind. The Israeli Government is a disgusting Government as far as I can see from years of the news we see but if the U.K. does follow Trump, then we are just as bad.

Israel has a right to exist, of course it does, it has a right to defend itself but it uses bullets against catapults, missiles against home made devises. It is a disgusting Government that has ignored UN decisions for years around settlement building. We have no place in this conflict, be it selling the weapons that kill Palestinians, to moving our embassy to the disputed Jerusalem, the U.K. has no role here. It is bad enough that the U.K. is a joke, and as usual it looks like we are the poodle of the USA as we always are. The Tories and the yoons bend over for whomever is the US President, they bend over for the Windsor’s, and the Saudis, and now we bend over further for the Israeli Government.

Just who doesn’t the U.K. bend over for.

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6 Responses to Total shame on May

    • Anonymous says:

      At least they have morals, I would have this would have been all over the news but I haven’t seen anything but maybe that shouldn’t surprise either in the U.K. will need to keep an eye out for any more on this.

      Thanks for the link.

  1. Bob Nugent says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the time we are but we can vote when the time comes, don’t buy any produce that comes from Israel etc. Better than nothing.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. trispw says:

    I never buy Israeli produce.

    As I didn’t when South Africa was an apartheid state.

    When they start complying with international law I will reconsider.

    • Anonymous says:

      I nees to make sure I’m checking the labels, I’ve always thought that the Israel Government was a disgusting Government, and many of their people. I hate the sucking up that America does with that country due to right wing evangelicals, this country also. The fact it hasn’t been covered by the media says it all and the info comes during that f wedding that made me avoid tv also tells you everything you need to know about the shitty U.K.

      Thanks for commenting.

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