Scottish Parliament vote will be ignored

I was able to watch a little of the debate in Holyrood this afternoon and while not overly impressed with the standard of debate it was interesting.

It was obvious from the start that the SNP would win as they did have support from the Scottish Greens, Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s. The Tories, and in particular, Adam Tomkins and Murdo Fraser were just your usual horrible Britnats. I don’t even know why they sit in Holyrood other than an easy pay check as they obviously hate the idea of devolution, but then so do I, power devolved is power retained. Independence is the only thing worthwhile now as it always has been.

Now I don’t often agree with yoons but I agree with this one.

It’s going to Court and as I have said before I think the SNP will lose, I just don’t trust the Courts in the U.K. on constitutional matters. Once that is out the way the Tories will ignore Scotland and legislate anyway and the power grab will be complete.

That will show every single person in Scotland that devolution means nothing, it will show that Holyrood is a pretend parliament and the Scottish Government a pretend Government as far as Westminster and the Tories are concerned as you can bet your arse that English MPs of all yoon parties will happily change the Scotland Act.

Now the good thing is that this will also show that the Scottish Branch offices of Labour, Tories and Liberals mean nothing so it becomes a straight choice and a straight fight. You either go for independence or you go Tory and that’s the fact of the matter.

This has been coming and I knew my leave vote would to lead to this. I knew this was coming and it’s where we need to be. The SNP have to legislate for the referendum asap, no more waiting or f about. The time is now and we go for it. I believe we can win and if we don’t then there is no Scotland there is only empire and servitude. Time to put the pressure on and no more nice guy, say as it is and call out people for what they are. Today is a very important day in my humble opinion.



  1. Ricky

    The debate is here , not watched yet . I don’t disagree with most of what you’ve written , but if the supreme court rules in favour of the SNP , it might just get a whole lot more interesting . Whatever happens next , the union is over , its just how we get it done , more likely through the courts .

    • Anonymous

      It would do as it would the pressure on Westminster but I just can’t see how it will when the Scotland Act allows for Westminster to over rule devolution at any point it wants. I think they will just over rule Holyrood and hope for the best, of course the media will play it down for all they are worth and it won’t have the impact it should but for people who do take an interest you would hope that it angers them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hugh Paterson

    The Actnof Union allows for stand alone Scottish law, thebSuoreme coirt has NO place in our Society and Breaks the Act of Union as an international treaty. We shoild be repealing thst Act it wasnt obtained fairly anyway

    • Anonymous

      I have often thought that also. I also wondered what would happen if Scottish MPs raised a motion in Westminster to null and void the Act of Union and the voted for while the English, Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs voted against. It would look like they were forcing Scotland to be in the union against it’s will then we walk. SNP / Scottish MPs wouldn’t have the balls though would they.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a sorry state of affairs but according to the media we are being silly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky

    It’s time the SNP decided on a ” Hail Mary ” . One shot , all or nothing . Call an advisory referendum about dissolving the union . Then tell the 55 , its to force a federal UK , to stop Brexit and any power grabs from Westminster , but also to have a fairer UK . Federalism would consist of all powers to all four nations , and we share defence , currency , freedom of trade , freedom of movement , I’m sure the 55 will go for this . The sting in the tail , if Westminster refuse to negotiate , then Scotland is independent , what do you think , good idea or god awful .

    • Anonymous

      It’s an interesting idea but I’m not sure the yes side would go for it. A starting point of 45% is better than the 22% that we started with the last time but the process has to start soon either way as it will go to court and it will take time. I think you’re correct that a proper legally binding federal UK would attract a lot of voters, it’s why it wasn’t on the first ballot and some people have said that the SNP wanted it on the ballot but I don’t know if that is true or not. It would be a better second choice than the status quo that’s for sure if we could not get independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Alan

    Absolutely. That act of overriding Holyrood will give the Scottish Government all they need to put the referendum back on the table. The Westminster establishment HAS to know that, though… watch out for a last minute “capitulation”. Remember, their parliament is sovereign and cannot bind its successors.

    However, I can’t help but disagree that your “leave vote would to lead to this”. Unless you live in England! Any leave vote in Scotland only served to reduce the margin between Scotland and rUK results. Remember the Gibraltar results? 96% remain or something like that. If Scotland had been 96% Remain(if the Leavers who voted instead abstained), the overall UK Leave vote would have been 51% instead of 52%. One million Leave voters in Scotland pulled out of the referendum would have left UK Leave with 16.4 million versus 16.1 million remainers.

    I’m just relieved the margin wasn’t any narrower. As it is, England has 15 million leavers and 13 million remainers. That is why May and Corbyn are both currently hard Brexiteers.

    • Anonymous

      I never expected the remain to be that much higher than it was to be honest as I know many yes voters who voted leave for similar reasons to myself. I appreciate what you are saying though as a closer result would give the yoons some ammo to throw but they would either way. I do think the SNP have to start the referendum process sooner rather than later, many suspect 2021 and that does make sense but there is a part of me that thinks that could be too late as it will go through the Courts after a prolonged now is not the time and the SNP calling a consultative referendum. All of that will take time and the longer Westminster can drag it out the better it is for them so the SNP in my opinion need to get moving on this one, Pete Bell is right on this but it just won’t be this year. Whatever happens though if Scotland votes no a second time then we deserve all we get for our stupidity but I do think we start from a better place and have every chance to win as long as we get out there and sort out things like the currency issue, the pound is not going to cut it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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