A Very Very Good Point

Random Public Journal wrote an interesting blog that I read today and I feel is well worth a read as many of us will feel the same.

I have been accused of the very same thing, and of blaming everything on the Tories. However, I also have no problem with the English other than how they vote. I do however have a massive problem with Westminster and the fact that my vote doesn’t count in any meaningful way in Westminster elections.

It’s heartbreaking that the decimation caused by both the Red Labour Tories and the Blue Tories affects all of the four nations. It’s heartbreaking that some voters all over the U.K. vote for those parties whose interests are only in what they can get for themselves, and to reinforce privilege and entitlement, no matter what they argue.

It’s heartbreaking to see the levels of poverty across the UK, health inequality, and hardship in England, while we have the same in Scotland we at least have a government that is trying to mitigate as best it can. It’s heartbreaking to see that too many still fall for the Westminster narrative around people from other countries, for the unelected head of state, and the influence of the few over the many.

The simple fact is, as far as I’m concerned, that if a person chooses to work, live and die in Scotland then they are Scottish no matter where they were born or anything else for that matter. Life is too short. My belief in independence has little to do with English people, one of the most astute political thinkers I personally know, is a wonderful, caring, father and husband who also happens to be an English Labour Councillor. No my belief in independence is a desire to break away from an undemocratic Westminster that cares little for anyone outside of the few. If you really want to see loathing of people based on their nationality and political beliefs then go no further than Murdo Fraser, Conservative and British Party, MSP. Below is an example of his beliefs and you tell me the YES side are filled with hate and loathing of people.

The simple reality is that @jeggit is correct when he says Imagining that striving for the independence of our country has anything whatsoever to do with England or English people says something more about what has happened to our imaginations. Our minds have been so conformed to the chains we have become almost incapable of thinking of ourselves as and for ourselves. What this is is self-hatred – and I am sick and tired of my self-loathing. I have decided to stop hating myself and my Scotland. Perhaps it is time the English started doing the same. We can cast off our British shackles together.

I am not going to apologize for my belief in self-determination and I do not and will not accept that I am anything other than anti-Tory, anti-Labour and anti-UK, unlike me Jeggit isn’t anti anything, as are most of the independence movement. We are certainly not anti-English. Maybe the questions we are asked, and the accusations we face, need to be asked of the likes of Murdo Fraser!

7 Responses to A Very Very Good Point

  1. Lanark says:

    Brilliant piece as is the link. I know some English Yessers. Are they anti themselves?

    I can’t decide if Murdo is just trying to wind people up or if he is just thick.

    • Anonymous says:

      I despise Murdo Fraser, I think he does it hoping to get a serious reaction while winding up the extreme yoons , esp the football ones. The article is really good and I agree with all of it as it’s a weapon the yoons use and we cannot ever give in to it.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • hettyforindy says:

      Murdo is not thick, but he is nasty piece of work. A judgemental trougher really, and certainly no friend of Scotland to say the very least.

  2. hettyforindy says:

    Thanks enjoyed reading this. Imo both views are worthy. Challenging the bias, lies, propaganda and questioning the britnats is going to be the only way to take control of the narrative re independence. As Peter Bell says in his interview at trulyscottishtv radio channel, we ask the questions next time, we take the britnats to task, non of the taking it on the chin as the yes campaign did last time.

    The Britnats have nothing positive to offer Scotland, and they have to be exposed for their lies and manipulation at every opportunity. Imo Yes was too compliant and gave the no campaign a stick to beat Scotland with last time, not next time though!

    Btw whatever happened to the ex bbc guy who led the yes campaign in 2014? He seems to have disappeared.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re correct Murdo Fraser probably isn’t thick, just really nasty individual. I listened to Peter’s interview, very interesting man and I do follow his website a lot as I don’t always get the chance to pick up a National although I do try. I agree with you both, we are the ones who have got to keep asking the questions, every chance we get. We should come up with our own 100 questions for the yoons and watch them squirm. The issue is still going to be the media and currency though, I really think we have got to come out now and say Scottish pound and a National Bank. The Clydesdale or something, Bank of Scotland is tarnished and about to be sold off to the Tories and their pals at no doubt a loss to the tax payer.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. trispw says:

    Excellent post.

    I grew up in England, went to school and uni there.

    It was grand and I made some great mates. My best friend ever, who was killed in an accident, was English.

    Why on earth would I hate the English?

    Like you I object to being ruled over by a parliament in which my country has little say, and which listens very little to our concerns. One in which its ministers refer to my parliament as if it was the same as a County Council in England.

    In a sensible world, we would work very closely with England and Wales but we wouldn’t be controlled by them.

    No matter how you feel about the EU, the referendum result in Scotland was a very resounding Remain. The far larger English vote overturned that easily. It demonstrates how utterly unimportant we are.

    In a sensible union of countries, the prime minister would have taken that stark difference in our votes into consideration. But she has routinely refused to do so, and her idiot tea boy secretary of state has done absolutely nothing to challenge her even though he must know that she is too weak to sack him.

    She simply doesn’t care, because she doesn’t need to care. She does need to care about NI because she is kept in her job by the obnoxious Arlene Foster, and she does need to worry about Gibraltar because if she upsets the fascist regime in Spain, they will simply veto whatever deal she gets from Brussels.

    I don’t hate the English or England.

    But I do loathe the United Kingdom and everything it stands for.

    • Tris
      I have only been accused of it a couple of times but the truth is I feel for the English as well. I hate how they vote and I hate their Westminster Parliament and their devotion to the stupidity that is the Royal Family but it is the new tool for the yoons to beat up yes supporters. We have got to challenge it at every opportunity, if anything their politicians are totally anti-Scottish supported by the so called Scottish unionist MPs. May is a clown aalso and I can’t stand how she gets away with rarely meeting the public and never answering a question in Parliament, total joke of a shitty union.

      Thanks for commenting.

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