Does career come first?

I was watching Scottish Politics this afternoon on the BBC and the new darling of unionist media Angela Haggerty Deputy Editor of Common Space and Sunday Herald was on to provide her enlightening opinion on the SNP and the fishing debate and betrayal.

Now I will have to admit that I have never been a fan all that much. I did follow her on Twitter but got bored with her constant hang over references. Recently it has been feeling like that any time I decided to suffer Scotland Tonight Angela was on, as if Derek McKay wasn’t enough.

Now Angela Haggerty made the bizarre claim below and I had to take both a double take and and an internal f me lol

What she said

This just got me thinking that yes I am sick of the so called radical left and that I really think we need to wake up to these people. They are , in my opinion, playing the Yes movement totally for their own careers. The SNP are certainly not above criticism, I often have a go myself, but when people like Haggerty appear on tv they just appear to say what we would expect to hear on certain programmes. I could be wrong but it’s getting very boring now and if Haggerty really believes the Tories are actually representing Scotland better than the SNP then not only is she a really bad political commentator but obviously deluded.

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10 Responses to Does career come first?

  1. Brian McGowan says:

    Despicable self promotion. They will now, clearly, invite her back.

    • Anonymous says:

      She is on Scotland Tonight later tonight lol. I just did a double take when I heard her today and thought there goes any credibility you had. I just find her really annoying now and a bit of a clown like Torrance.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Helena Brown says:

    Radical left my erse, more like what we call the middle-class tossers in the Labour Party, “Right-on Brothers” the lot of them. Would not be surprised if they were all working for MI5.
    I may be a member of the SNP, my eyes have always been open to their failures but they mostly try to care for Scotland, maybe a bit trusting with some of their recruits, but on the whole head and shoulders above the opposition. How many MP’s have good old Radical got, kind of like Ukip.

    • Anonymous says:

      The SNP are definitely head and shoulders above the rest and there is certainly no radical left in the U.K. now, I suppose the Greens are about as close as you get to it. I just couldn’t believe her comment today and just thought deluded and zero credibility now. I have never took to her or Cat Boyd, I would much prefer more of the rationalism of Lesley Riddoch.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    me me me me me sorry did I mention me, sorry I forgot to give you my name Angela Haggerty but you should have known it, what the unionist will do for the love of Britain. But mind you social media is being told to change because the political leaders are being bullied, I remember my mum saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ Aye your right I’ll have to stop it I don’t fancy getting my neck broken. If this isn’t a clear indication that the Yes movement has been infiltrated by the unionist trying to represent the Independence she dangerous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Infiltrated is a good word and it certainly feels like it with those like Haggerty. Their so called radical left sows enough grey to confuse people and it ultimately suppprts the union from within Yes. We need to be very careful and I think we need to call them out.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Bill McDermott says:

    I don’t know about you but anybody that turns up in a BBC studio in an afternoon programme with an off-the-shoulder number like that raises my suspicions about self promotion. Likewise her coiffed hair style. I agree that she seemed to be saying that the feeble 12 were doing a better job of representing Scotland than the SNP – mixed messages or what!
    About the fishing thing, I heard Stewart Stevenson on arguing the toss with one of the Tory 13. He perfectly legitimately said that we were leaving the EU, implying that the CFP would fall as an issue, but what he should have said was that an independent Scotland would seek to join EFTA so that any future negotiation over fishing would start from a position of strength if we were to reapply for EU membership, also calling in aid that the SNP has always rejected the CFP, unlike the Tories.

    • Anonymous says:

      I must admit I didn’t really notice what she was wearing and I’m not bothered but when she made that statement I was just gobsmacked to say the least. I just don’t get the so called radical left at all and I just don’t think they really suppprt independence at all. There is passion for the left but none for Indy and it just feels like the yes movement is a way to further a career.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. East Neuker says:

    Paul Kavanagh has made a case for not attacking other people who say they are part of the independence movement, and in many ways I agree with him. Independence first then sort the other stuff.
    However, although Angela Haggerty says she is a supporter of the independence movement almost everything she says and does damages that cause. The stuff about Scottish Tory MPs was gobsmackingly stupid. What was her motivation for such obvious untruths?
    I do not wish to make a personal attack on Ms Haggerty, but I do not believe that she is a true supporter of independence.

    • Anonymous says:

      East Neuker
      I’m definitely having a go at what she said not her personally although I’ve never taken to her at all like I really struggle with Tasmina Sheik. What she said was jaw dropping and came across as a statement for what she thinks the audience will be other than fact. Whatever credibility she had is gone now but it will get her work on the yoon media.

      Thanks for commenting.

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