The SNP are so BAD!

@SoarAlba59 posted the photo below on Twitter and I thought first of all that is cool and then had a wee chuckle to myself, yes I said chuckle, and thought SNP BAD.

Now we know that in Scotland the SNP have built on the policy of free personal care at the point of need devised by a Scottish Labour and Scottish Liberal administration, they didn’t call themselves Government. We have prescriptions with no up front costs, no bridge tolls, most Hospitals don’t charge for parking (Ninewells in Dundee shamefully still do), no tuition fees, the bus pass. We had a council tax freeze for 10 years ,no compulsory redundancy in the public sector until this year for most councils, ended the right to buy in social housing (although still too expensive), ended the Labour Party gift for generations to come that is PFI. It’s a long list in so many ways, I would call it good governance, Dimbleby, and most of the audience on BBC Question Time, Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie would call it paid by the English tax payer because Scots don’t pay tax.

The Mirror had an article last December that highlighted the many benefits to living in Scotland, being a Labour rag they actually manage pretty well to highlight the policy differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK without actually once mentioning the SNP, can’t say the dirty word can we, no not at all. I appreciate that what has the SNP ever done for us has been covered, and better, in other blogs but I thought it is worth reminding ourselves in the face of daily onslaughts from the British Nationalist media, and the three British Nationalist Parties, that you know what, the SNP, overall, have done well by us all, US ALL.

But what do others think about living in Scotland, here are some views below:

I’m a Londoner and have been living in Edinburgh for the past 8 years. There are lots of English people living in Edinburgh and a fair few up in the Highlands also. I love it here even though we’re off to OZ later this year. I must have some gypsy blood in me. I’ve never felt like a foreigner here and no-one has ever been nasty due to my “Englishness” although I’ve had some “looks” as soon as I open my mouth and you’re always going to get banter, especially when the world cup is on, but I give as good as I get and it’s always good-natured. In my opinion most people are OK and the Scots are no exception.
Yes, it’s colder but it is a fantastic place to live and the Highlands are on your doorstep and are truly stunning.
Regards Derren

Scotland is an extremely friendly, welcoming place. An influx of immigrants can only add to the multi-cultural flavour of places like Glasgow. Living in Bosnia, I personally know of many highly talented individuals, who would grow and develop in the warmth and support they would receive in Scotland. My parents are themselves immigrants from the Caribbean, invited over to work in the UK. After living in England and Wales, they settled in Scotland, where they still are. Scotland is their now their home, despite the lack of Caribbean sun! My sister and I are Scottish and feel entirely at home. Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with a lot to offer – beyond castles and Nessie. Scotland itself is a “bright young thing” and an infusion of new blood can only be a good thing.
Nats Grant, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina

I know for every positive story about Scotland we can find negatives but that’s not my point really. My point is when the Tories talk of forming a government in Scotland, no matter how unlikely, we should all be concerned. When Jeremy Corbyn gives allegedly his most important speech to date and calls everywhere north of London a region, we should all be concerned.

The SNP are far from perfect but since 2008 they have done pretty well for ALL OF US.

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4 Responses to The SNP are so BAD!

  1. Ricky says:

    If you look at everything coming from the British national parties ( that’s the truth not unionist) it’s a dead cert that direct rule from London and the removal of Holyrood is on the cards . Back to the bad old days if we don’t get independence soon .
    For every positive there is a negative , but the negative is normally from fellow Scots , until we have a media that educates and highlights the positives about living in Scotland , the cringe will remain .

  2. Ricky
    I think they would like to do that but I’m not so sure they can or will, it would be a huge risk to take. Scots sadly take too much from Westminster but some insults will annoy enough people to change their minds, not that now shouldn’t be enough for the sufferers of jockholme syndrome, but it is what it is. Interesting times, indy 2 is on the way I think, possibly next year.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Helena Brown says:

    At the rate things are going with the Brexit negotiations we may have to do an Ireland on them. I see TM chose to neither confirm or deny to Ian Blackford at PM’s questions whether she still saw all parts of Britain as equal. Obviously the only part to be considered was the bit that made lots of trouble. Just before PMQ’s Kate Hoey rampaged over the woman from the SNP without let or hindrance from the guy chairing the discussion. We need to stop being polite, we need to grow a spinal column and meet them head on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hoey, I spelled her name wrong in the blog, is Tory through and through. I thought the SNP MP did well and explained the situation really well. I saw TM at PMQs, she is a shocking PM. Corbyn is really poor but I thought wiped the floor with her, her so called jokes are written for her and no matter what he says she says the attempted joke either way and more often than not it’s out of context and she looks stupid. Scotland is a colony to them as Gibraltar is a tax haven, we need to get out. Westminster is a joke of a place, I am watching it now and the rules etc are a total joke. It’s a posh people’s club designed to reinforce privilege and class and we are not wanted, only our land, resources and taxes. F hate the U.K.

    Thanks for commenting.

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