Should we hope she survives?

The Independent Newspaper seems to think that Theresa May will survive a Commons defeat on membership of the Customs Union.

Now while I’m not so sure to be honest as I think Northern Ireland will be her downfall, but should we hope she does ?

Given the alternatives which are Boris Johnson, David Davis or Jacob Reece Mogg is May the lessor of four evils! To be honest they are all a bloody nightmare, even if May falls the Tories won’t risk a General Election and appear content to lose votes in the Commons and keep going, they are happy to abstain when they can and ignore the will of Parliament.

The DUP could make life difficult but even without their support the Tories could survive a no confidence vote by one or two votes, and who could trust all Labour MPs to vote against the Tories on a no confidence vote, there are plenty of Tories in the Labour Party. Kate Howie anyone.

I tend to think of all things political now around what would be best for Scotland and the reality is Labour are no more friends of Scotland than the Tories are. Sure they might devolve more things like the chemical make up of soap but that’s about it. They might cut the budget in different areas and convince some of the more amiable sufferers of Jockholme Syndrome to vote for them but we would still be in the same shitty position. Labour, like the Tories, are unionists to the core, Labour for the illusion of power and the Tories for what they can steal.

Some days I think we are screwed either way.

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4 Responses to Should we hope she survives?

  1. 100%Yes says:

    The answer is YES why? she is a very weak individual she seems very uncomfortable around the public, but yet believes she strong and is able to communicate beyond the Tory faithful you just have to watch her when she meeting other EU leaders she seems unwilling to get involved so Yes she is a asset to any future referendum we have.

    • 100%YES
      It’s one of those weird ones for me, she is totally useless but I know people who don’t mind her whereas someone like Reece Mogg would really wind people up with his snobbery. I think N Ireland might be her downfall anyway, the DUP are not going to accept NI being treated differently from the UK and Eire and the EU won’t accept anything less. The risk is a return to the troubles but I think some Tories would accept that for Brexit. A sorry state of affairs.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Ricky says:

    I hope its all out Tory warfare , because the other 3 will be loathed evenly by all in Scotland . Think about Boris as PM or Mogg , far right wind Tory madness , remember posh boys don’t fair well telling Scots what to do .

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s my take also, people are very indifferent about May. But the others will be even more divisive than Thatcher, esp Mogg. If things go to shit then it might as well go all the way if it leads to independence.

    Thanks for commenting.

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