England’s Government Scotland’s Box

Angus Robertson tweeted a picture, that has been blogged on by others, but really does demonstrate that the English Government is deciding Scotland’s future.

No David Mundell MP, England’s man in Scotland, no Ruth Davidson MSP , England’s office manager in Scotland, any place to be seen. Better Together and Scotland in Union anyone.

We even learned this morning that Britain’s Government has offered Scotland a deal on powers returning to the U.K.

Journalists are so f lazy. That would be the Westminster Government making an offer to the devolved Governments, who are also part of the Westminster Parliament, on powers that they already hold and that Westminster wants to steal. Be interesting to see what this considerable offer is, an offer to not steal as many powers as they had hoped they could get away with. Really, how nice.

Devolution has been a good thing for Scotland in many ways, and we can see that by the above average way that successive SNP Governments have managed the very limited responsibilities Holyrood has to make Scotland a better place for all. What the tweets above show is the contempt that both the Conservative Government and Unionists have in general for Scotland. The only way that we can even begin to build a fairer and more transparent Scotland is to vote for independence.

The days of Westminster surely must be coming to an end, and that end might be closer than we think. Theresa May won’t last much longer, and Northern Ireland will be the thing that brings her down I think. We need to get ready to hold a referendum quickly, and definitely before a Northern Ireland Border Poll is held or we may find ourselves stuck in this crappy Uk for a lot longer than we can afford to be.

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6 Responses to England’s Government Scotland’s Box

  1. Brian says:

    Some great posts recently Bruce . . . thankyou. Keeps me on my toes. The MSM propaganda (and that’s what it is, no matter how it is disguised) has been relentless since the Brexit vote.

  2. Ricky says:

    So the UK government makes us an offer for powers we already have , to be returned to us ! Just a thought though , Ineos winning the right to a judicial review on the fracking ban when the UK is trying to hold on to certain powers, couldn’t be related could they ?

    • Ricky
      That’s a good point but I think they would have to get control of planning also and that won’t happen I wouldn’t think but you are on to something there and I hadbn’t put two and two together. It is a power steal though, just shows the brass neck of Westminster, I wouldn’t give them shit.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Lanark says:

    Mundell had just left the room when the picture was taken, the tea won’t make itself you know.

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