Is Political Correctness Going Mad!

Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard has won a vote on having all women short lists for their 20 target seats in Scotland at the next General Election.

There are concerns from some Scottish Labour MPs and MSPs about the reaction from local members having this policy imposed on them by the Party, and there should be. I have also blogged about this issue a few times The SNP and All Women Short Lists and also All Women Short Lists Again and my views are pretty clear. I just don’t like the idea of positive discrimination that discriminates against others. Now the reason for another blog on this topic is not actually all women short lists per say, it’s actually other things that have been happening within Labour that just seems mad to me.

Andrew Doyle has written a really interesting article in Spiked

It’s not just all women short lists for Labour, they have been charging white people £10 more to attend a speech by Jeremy Corbyn in Loughborough. The Labour Youth Wing are to exclude anyone who is non BME, Transgender, Female, LGBT or Disabled from their equality conference. The SNP Government are to spend £500,000 pounds to encourage more women to enter politics. This is all just plain crazy.

I might be an old fart, totally accept that, and I am all for fighting any discrimination where it is found. I am all for equal pay, I don’t have an issue with same-sex marriage, I am all for more women getting involved in politics and I am all for equal rights.

As I have noted previously I am also in a mixed race marriage and all of my children are mixed race, but where does common sense come in.

I accept that there is probably a gender bias within political parties but all women short lists are not the way to solve that, why not just have 50 50 lists for local members to decide who stands for election but I have been there before. I am all for a more Liberal society based on tolerance but when that Liberalism blinds you to the realities of the world around you you are maybe the one with the problem and become blind to what is happening around you.

Political correctness gets on my nerves and I find it very patronising to everyone. If women, or anyone else, are under represented in your party then make it easier for them to be represented without discrimination against others. When we continue to go down the have to be seen to please all route then we will lose sight of the bigger picture, in trying to be everything to everyone we will lose sight of rationality and will achieve nothing other than alienating everyone. It feels like the world is going mad right now it really does.

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2 Responses to Is Political Correctness Going Mad!

  1. greig12 says:

    In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with political correctness, it’s all about treating folk the same by respecting their rights and expecting them to do the same. The problem isn’t the concept it’s how it’s abused. People weaponise it to further their own aims. I would take a bit of convincing that Leonard’s doing this because he’s a good guy, there’s a perceived payoff for himself both now and further down the line. That’s if he’s actually fooling anybody because he is a Labour politician after all.

    How many of us at some point have made some inadvertent non malicious faux pas only to be publicly ridiculed from the pulpit by some jumped up pc type? Someone not interested in heping you learn but looking to give themselves a boost at your expense.

    We are in danger of blaming a good concept when it’s the arseholes who abuse it that should get the stick.

    • Greig12
      That’s a fair point about people weaponising the term, I can see what you mean there I just can’t stand the pc types. We have all made mistakes, I have done it, and I suppose most people have, but Labour in particular appear to be going too far now. I mean charging white more to attend a speech, that’s ridiculous in the extreme, and could be perceived as racist in and of itself. I’m not for all women short lists as I have said before and I don’t know any women for them either. My wife hates it and people in my office, all female, don’t accept it either so it is an interesting if divisive idea.

      Thanks for commenting.


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