Renew: Rethink Brexit Renew Britain

A new political party has risen from the ashes.

Whom ever you are sorry to spoil your day, but it won’t work.

Inspired by the rise of centrist French President Emmanuel Macrons En Marche party in France Renew aim to:

provide a rallying point for millions of people, particularly in the younger generation, who feel “politically homeless” in the wake of the EU referendum and regard the traditional parties as “weak, divided and out of touch”.

Backed by a single unnamed donor the party aim to stand 220 candidates in London and other areas of England in the May elections with plans to stand in all 650 seats come the next General Election.

The Parties slogan is “People from outside politics to renew Britain’s hope”, good luck with that. I suppose we should admire their bravery, their enthusiasm but it will end in failure.

This U.K. is pretty much backward and very challenged when it comes to politics, we know that from experience. When the SNP can’t get fair treatment led alone airtime from the media. When parties as old and established as the Green Party and the Liberal Democrat’s can’t find media time and when the BBC and the dead tree press have a love affair with those right wing mentalists UKIP, and can’t criticise the other mentalists the Conservative and British Nationalist Party, Renew have as much chance as pissing against the wind as they do getting any sort of fair hearing in this shitty country.

The simple reality is the U.K. voting public, in the majority of cases, are backward in their thinking. When the typical response to who did you vote for is mostly the way my Ma and Pa did you know your screwed. When the height of political analysis is oh doesn’t Theresa have nice shoes you pretty much want to just go hide in a dark corner and cry.

If England wants a renewal in Politics it needs to vote Green, however there is more chance of them voting to return to Royal rule as they like Kate and the new one. Politics in the U.K. is broken beyond repair and I live in hope that some of the don’t knows in Scotland grow a pair and vote YES in the next Indy ref.

The British Nationalists will vote for whomever they are told to vote for depending on where they live, Renew won’t have a hope in hell. Now if they had called themselves the Windsor Party then who knows.

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4 Responses to Renew: Rethink Brexit Renew Britain

  1. Ricky says:

    I don’t think voters are backward or challenged , its the information they get that makes their minds up , we know that information in the mainstream is loaded towards the rich and political elite . Thankfully 50% or there abouts of people in Scotland , get their information online and from people like yourself . Most if not all is checked for accuracy , because we who support normality of independence have to provide better and more accurate information than the other side . The problem we have is getting the information to those who really need it , and making them doubt the mainstream information they get .
    We all have to accept , the Tories and the ‘ good people ‘ of little England don’t want to be in the EU , and by default they assume everyone feels the same , the shock will come when its only little England floating off to become the 52nd state of America .

    • Anonymous says:

      I think some are backwards to be honest but your correct some just don’t have the information available and can’t be bothered looking for it. I heard a person recently saying they voted no because their Dad told them to, unreal. Your right about checking info, I usually post a link to an article or save the link for any information I reference in case I get asked for it or accused of telling a wee porky. Usually I’ll put a visual in that clearly shows the source also so people can check it out themselves. England is a lost cause right now, it’s so sad as it is a great country with some wonderful people but it has lost it’s collective mind right now but that effects us all and that is just not good enough any more.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    The only thing they’ll do is split the unionist vote, all I see her is Tory Tory Tory and anti SNP and anything Scottish.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think anyone will vote for them as they will know nothing about them. I would imagine starting a new party, like the Woman’s Party and TUSC, just has very little impact in this country. I think in Scotland a YES Scotland Party would have an impact if the SNP were to ever back track on indy but they won’t do that even though it would appear that some within the party would like to kick it into the long grass.

    Thanks for commenting.

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