Tories make me want to puke

So Windsor Tory Council are at it again.

Any homeless people in Windsor around the time of the minor Windsor’s wedding will be fined £100 if they dare show their face in the Windsor area. Maybe they could just go back to public hanging as the entertainment for the reception like in the good old days for the so called Royals. Andrew Marr could make sure there is a good bunch of Scots in the line up.

Windsor Council have even fitted special safety belts for the homeless on their benches, just so they can’t lay down and pull a muscle when they get up too quickly to run away from the warden with the £100 fine.

Don’t the caring Tories and the so called royals give you the boke, they do me. There are no bigger stains on the public purse than the Windsor family, all 643 of them and Tories. Windsor’s get tax payers money for nothing, and the Tories steal tax payers money and give it to rich people who do nothing but ask for more.

The U.K. is a disgusting shit hole of a place and yet there will be many in Scotland who will watch that pish, there will be Rangers fans sending gifts from B and M and the BBC will give the world 24 hour coverage on every media platform they have.

And people wonder why I am a grumpy b******.



  1. Helena Brown

    Bleeding ridiculous, how on earth can a homeless person find £100 to begin with. The only good thing I can see is if they send you to prison you do get a roof over your head and food. Maybe we all should pop down with our sleeping bags. I keep waiting for the revolution to start, I will even take up knitting again. I do have a good knife sharpener.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just all so sad that this is what the U.K. has come to and I don’t think it would be that different in Scotland to be honest if the wedding was here. I worked in homelessness for four years and saw how people were treated, not very well to be honest but this for a Royal wedding really should shame all of us. Not that the Windsor’s will give a crap, when have they ever.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ricky

    Saw this story on Indycar (youtube with Gordon Ross) I’m sure he said the fine would be £1000 not £100 . Either way its ridiculous.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s horrific if that’s the case. Homelessness will always be there but it’s getting worse, esp in England but to do this because of a Royal Wedding is shameful, this country disgusts me to be honest, I hate the U.K.

    Thanks for commenting.

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