The Decline of local Newspapers puts British democracy at risk – Really

Not from where I’m standing and I would imagine 45% of Scots.

When trusted and credible news sources decline, we can become vulnerable to news which is untrustworthy.”

So said Theresa May last week and reported by Politics U.K. in their article by Rob Cox. The article is mainly about local newspapers but I suspect Rob has never been in Scotland and say read a Dundee Courier or looked at the local BBC content online.

If British democracy is at risk then it is down to vested interests, the politicians who are tramping all over freedom of speech and the so called journalists who write the pish we are fed daily.

The fact that semi educated people like me have to blog what they feel are the real issues says it all. The mainstream media, both local and national, have failed most of us on both sides. Their lies and distortions, their gutter press headlines and failure to retract, their lack of moral fibre have resulted in a democracy for the few and intellectual servitude for the masses.

When the Tories hold meetings which imply the government will support print media

we know that the days of an honest and true free press died a long time ago. We hear so much about fake news, politicians are even holding committees about it, about online social media, but are not looking at the real purveyors of fake news, the newspapers and the BBC.

Even the so called intellectual left like Mike Small at Bella Caledonia are attacking blogs when they talk about:

In Scotland we have a one dimensional critique of the media; we talk about it being “unionist,” and we constantly go on about the bias in the BBC and in the media and it being unionist. Of course it is unionist. That is its role and its purpose, but it is also structurally misogynist and corporate. It represents corporate interests, and we need to go beyond this one dimensional analysis of our media. But more than that, it is infantilist; it treats us as children. ( Random Public Journal )

No I don’t need to go beyond my one dimensional analysis, you see I live in the real world and my head is not stuck up my arse. I live in a world that sees people go hungry, a world that punishes the poor for being poor and a shit media that spends more words on a minor insignificant Royal Wedding on the same day as the FA Cup Final rather than the horrible nightmare that is the Tories, I didn’t do this, the media did and do.

So forgive me for not giving a shit if the mainstream media dies a death locally and nationally, forgive me if I don’t give a shit what the so called intelligent left think of wee ignorant blogs like mine because you see, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not the problem.

Blogs like Munquins New Republic, Wings Over Scotland, No to Yes, Scotland 2018 are not the problem, they are the answer. No the problem is the media itself, their failure to hold the politicians and vested interests to account. The problem is the platform given to the likes of Andrew Marr and Andrew Neil, the platform given to UKip and the failure to challenge the Tories not support them, the problem is people like Ruth Davidson deciding what the news is.

If local newspapers die democracy will stay as it is, the agenda will still be driven by those with the most to keep those with the least ignorant. It’s partly why barely 65% of people bother to vote. When all you report is what the few tell you to report is it any wonder you end up with an ill informed and somewhat brain dead electorate who don’t bother to vote because they don’t know what the truth is, that’s not my fault or your fault. It’s the presses fault, it’s the news on the BBC fault, it’s the politicians fault, it’s the so called intellectuals fault for implying that the dirty unwashed in blogs sphere are ignorant, stupid and childish.

I just don’t care if the papers die, let them, they made their bed pandering to the few and the ignorant right wing in this country or the ultra yoons, you won’t be missed.

Rant over.



    • Anonymous

      I think unless they drastically change they will die off and I think we should all be concerned that the Tories are implying they will support local media even more than the free money, our money, the BBC recently gave newspapers by way of funding journalists.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. greig12

    Good rant though. The Bellaesques are so busy trying to be trendy and at the forefront of what’s hapennin man that they can’t see the wood for the trees. Every movement has its intellectual types, holding sway over their admirers who hang on every word. It’s a good way to get lots of sex and free beer, or so I’ve been told. Maybe we even need them just as long as they don’t get to run the show because along that path, disaster lurks. Their problem is that they’re generally thinkers not doers and they need the dumbos to do the actual work. Ie. Making their dreams reality while pragmatically watering them down to something functional in the real world.

    I read all the blogs you’ve mentioned plus some others and yours is one of the few I comment on, so from one semi educated person to another, please continue to call it as you see it. Do so whether it involves these so called intellectuals or indeed anybody else in need of some grumpy attention. Your moral compass is bang on as far as I’m concerned and that’s why I keep coming back.

    That bit of positive consumer feedback doesn’t in any way mean you were right about Deadpool BTW. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. I haven’t really looked at Bella Caledonia for a long time to be honest, I can’t stand writing that is patronising to the reader with the implication that the rest of us are too thick to understand their concepts. Mike Small is that for me, Cat Boyd also whom I don’t read all that much in the National. Middle class class warriors, who while I have no doubt are intelligent people, are so far up their own arse that all they will ever do is talk about stuff that will never ever happen in the real world. We will have to agree to disagree on Deadpool lol.

      Thanks for commenting on the blog.


  2. 100%Yes

    I don’t watch TV or buy papers and for that I am proud, and that “The Daily Record aims to provide the people of Scotland with a trusted news resource that presents accurate and comprehensive coverage of local, national and international news, current affairs and sport.” and from the editor “ is the online edition of The Daily Record, one of Scotland’s most trusted news brands.”. if you say it long and hard enough its like rubber stamping your brain you start to believe it, this is the paper that put out the great white lie (VOW) it make you wonder who really runs the UK the conservatives or the DUP. I wonder if the press had been equal in its journalism in Ireland would the UK have ended sooner.

    • Anonymous

      The Daily Rangers, I haven’t read a paper copy for years but have seen a few online articles, but not one I seek out. It really is a shocking paper and one that I would lose no sleep over if it went under, but saying that I feel that way about all of them now. Any paper that panders to sectarianism to get it’s sales shouldn’t actually be in business at all in my mind. It will change in the long run as they will go under as sales continue to fall and online click bait comes few and far between. I always try and get the articles through a third source if I see one I want to read so I am not even giving them the click bait.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Neil Anderson

    Glad to hear that Treeza May is shitting herself at the prospect of a pliant media in it’s death throes. If she is to be the saviour of main stream media – on a local or national level – we should expect to be hearing of the demise of red top after red top; “quality” after “quality”, and good riddance. Thanks Big Treeza!
    I don’t believe for a second that you are semi educated. I believe (and this is through the evidence of what I have read consistently on your blog) that you are properly educated. This is not a process of “schooling” but rather your own experience and observations through your life. You’re a great ranter, from a great tradition of ranters. Lang may yer lum reek my mannie!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, most of what I learn is through experience and doing it myself. I did go to teaching uni and became a Community Educator but I just don’t see myself educated in the traditional sense. Life is all the education most of us will ever need in many ways, if we learn from our experiences we will be more right than wrong and that’s the problem in the papers and with the politicians. Mostly middle or upper class and elitist, what do they understand of the lives of most people in the UK and Scotland, very little in the main. Yeah some sneak through, some poor folk make it, but in the main they have to sell their soul to get there and that I am not willing to do. I don’t own my house as I never wanted to be in that rut of being told I should own one or I’m a gadgie, happy to be a gadgie and not play the game.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. East Neuker

    When I attempted some reasoned, and reasonable, criticism of a Mike Small piece on Bella his response was to rather huffily suggest that I might be happier reading certain other blogs. For once I agreed with him, and don’t much bother looking at the output of the pseudo intellectual Soviet any more. I check on it now and again, and there’s the occasional good piece, but there is a strong feeling of “our way is the right way ” and independence should only happen on their terms. It’s a bit like listening in to a conversation in a trendy Byres Road coffee shop.
    Dunno about the the free beer and sex, greig12… I reckon they are to busy being pleased with themselves to get either.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker
      I just don’t read Bella at all now and haven’t since probably 2014. I look at people like Mike Small and Cat Boyd and just see middle class class warriors whose writing comes from people who in the main had the luxury to pontificate to the poor dirty unwashed, they are intelligent people, I don’t doubt that, but their motives can come across as self serving in the way they write. I did follow the whole Cat Boyd and Corbyn controversy and just thought that she slipped up by making it clear that she was Labour thinking Corbyn would be accepted in Scotland, which is fine if you are honest about it all the time, but it looked to many that she was using the YES movement and the National as a self promoting platform and got found out. I read a tweet where someone said she thought she deserved a seat at Holyrood because of her work during the referendum, I think she stood for that joke that was Rise. She has never disputed it so I can only assume there is some truth to it and that says it all. I just have no interest in the Mike Smalls and Boyds of the world now, getting too old to waste too much time on their shit.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Helena Brown

    Too right Bruce, apart from the National I do not read newspapers at all. We read the Scotsman for years, when it started to tee us off we went to the Herald. Needless to say both will never darken our door again. If I had a budgie it would not even get to poo on it.
    I also agree about Bella, full of what my Husband calls “Right on Brothers” aka middle class tossers. Tend to think in our house that Rise and Labour are full of agents for MI5.

    • Anonymous

      I buy the National but don’t always read it or just read some of it. It’s not great but it is all we have for now, and of course blogs like Munquins and sites like Wings. The papers can pretty much go and do one, I sometimes get a Courier from my Mum and it amazes me how crap it is and it just reports on local misery pretty much, and even that local rag is all SNP bad. They just hate the fact that the SNP have done better than any yoon party ever has, both locally and nationally, they hate it and I love that I must admit.
      Thanks for commenting.


  6. Robert T

    Loved your RANT as usual , what really p’s me off is that these lying rags are not going to fold , the tolies through the Brutish Bullshitting Corporation are subsidising them to make sure that there is a never ending stream of piss and lies to calm the unwashed . As for Boyd her actions re germy corbyn ge election and her admission on QT that she didn’t vote at the EU ref , her recent tirade at the equal pay March about SNP supporters blaming the great LIEBOUR corruptors , when it was they who caused the catastrofuck originally , leads me to disagree that she is intelligent , a self serving gravy train narcissistic egotist maybe i’d agree

    • Anonymous

      Spot on, using BBC license money to support regionals and the Tories holding a summit to see how they can support the papers they like, you just can’t write it. People in the rest of the world must think we are a bunch planks, or cowards, maybe both. Cat Boyd I don’t know much about but she is a strange one, the Corbyn thing and not voting in the EU referendum then telling everyone how wrong they were if they voted leave was unreal. Her column was in the National today and won’t be read when I get home from work tonight as I am just not interested in anything she has to say at all, and I wish they would not give her the platform, she could go work for Bella, I never go there.

      Thanks for commenting.

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