To the victors go the spoils

If there is one thing that Tories of all colours, and their rich influential friends don’t like, it’s democracy, and especially democracy in Scotland. They despise Holyrood and it only survives because they wouldn’t dare abolish it, esp as long as the majority support it.

Now as we all know during the referendum in 2014 Bitter Together used fear, lies and threats to get their narrow victory, helped by the deluded Scotbrits, Scot deniers like Michelle Moone, tacky undies seller from Glasgow. She even threatened her workers during the referendum that she would move to London if Yes won, the implication being they would lose their jobs.

For her lies and threats she was rewarded by then Prime Minister David Cameron with a seat in the House of the Dead (Lords). The Sunday Herald today have reported that Lady (lol) Moone has made just two speeches in the HoL since 2015.

She charges £19000 for an after dinner speech to rich people but the poor dirty unwashed tax payer, the ones who pay her £400 a day plus expenses when she is the house of the dead are below her mutterings.

But you see it’s worse than just her failure to be useful at anything, it’s the part she is potentially going to play in our futures. Thanks to the lobby fodder scumbag Scottish Tory MPs who voted for the EU withdrawal legislation without amendments protecting Scotland we have a situation where an unelected undie seller from Glasgow, one who threatened the jobs of her employees if they voted yes, has more say on the future of Scotland than its elected MPs and MSPs, to the victors go the spoils, for the rest of us, the loss of our democracy.

Better Together anyone.

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8 Responses to To the victors go the spoils

  1. 100%Yes says:

    She where she needs to be and that suite me, I have no time at all for anyone who votes or support Red/Blue Tory and calls themselves British before Scottish. Will she be prominent in any future referendum YES she will because she needs the British state more than it need her. And the question is when Scotland is Independent will the English want MP/Peers who will be regarded as foreign nationals to represent them in Westminster I would say NO.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a lot less patience than I used to that’s for sure and when I decided that this blog would be my main focus just now I decided that I would not be involved with any political party until we are independent, then I might re-join one. Michelle Mone I have never had any time for since learning about her during indy1, before that I had never heard of her at all and even when I did people said her stuff was crap. She is just a servant of the establishment, say and do whatever she is told to have a wee comfy life with zero shame at how she looks and what she has to do to be one of the Tory Scottish pets. There won’t be any Lords in an independent Scotland and as far as I now there is no mechanism for England to remove the Scottish ones they have placed there to undermine our democracy.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. greig12 says:

    Just like the boys who used to keep in with the class bully at school, Scotland unfortunately has no shortage of self interested types sucking up to our bigger neighbour and it has always been thus.

    If we ever do manage to gain independence and I sincerely hope we do, it will be important that we remember who these people were and what they did so we can deny them positions of power and influence.

    The list of products sold by these people that I refuse to buy increases exponentially.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose every country does but maybe without the same level of overt snobbery that we do. I agree that if we ever get self government back we need to remember who did and said what so they have as little influence at all in building the new Scotland given they have shown little interest now and in fact operate against Scotland in many cases. Far too many of them view English concerns and priorities as Scotland’s when we know that is not the case at all, we are very different with different needs and aspirations and we have got to look out for ourselves, how much longer are too many willing to remain servants to the British state.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Lanark says:

    Can you imagine the uproar there would have been if an employer had threatened their workers to vote Yes?

    This “union” disgusts me more with every day that passes.

  4. Bruce Hosie says:

    The British will say and do anything they can to win at all costs. I used to always think no one would ever fire a nuclear weapon, I wouldn’t put it past those clowns at all. They don’t care and they have their Scotbrits to do their bidding for them.
    Thanks for commenting.


  5. Carol Smith says:

    She is totally full of it. She barely had any Scottish employees anyway; it was all outsourced to Potugal and Indonesia. Arch self promoter. That’s your House of Lords for you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I never much about her before 2014 but like Jakey Rowling comes across as a real piece of work. Total Brit through and through, they are worst, they just try to wish Scotland away and are totally subservient to their betters. I suppose the best we should do is laugh at her, ignore her and make sure we buy nothing of hers.

    Thanks for commenting.


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