Just as well Better Together saved us from independence

So it has been announced that 200 jobs are to go at Rosyth Navel Dockyard.

Another broken promise, and another blow to the Scottish economy by the lying shit bags that made up Better Together. We continue to see story after story of the betrayal of every no voter. This so called union is rubbing your nose in it everyday, and laughing at you. Watch a little of Parliament and see the laughter every time the SNP stand up. They took you for fools, and continue to take you for fools every single day, so what will it take for you to stand up and fight for Scotland now!

I sent the following tweet to the yoons and no surprises haven’t had a response from any of the shit bag unionist parties. Haven’t even had a yoon troll try to get out of this one.

The Trade Unions shouldn’t be sleeping easy tonight either, they campaigned to keep Scotland in this crappy country, and the biggest set of liars were Scottish Labour. Where is Jackie “the mouth” and friend of Tories Baillie this morning. Probably still trying to figure out a way to blame the SNP. Seperation doesn’t shut dock yards, Unionists do by just paying the workers off a little at a time and move the work to Liverpool.

I really hate this country more and more everyday.

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2 Responses to Just as well Better Together saved us from independence

  1. andimac says:

    Bruce, don’t hate the country if you mean Scotland – just hate the conniving bastards who’re selling it down the river (a very appropriate phrase, now that I think of it). If you meant the U.K. then hate it by all means. By the way, in that picture Jackie Baillie and Jackson Carlaw look like the finalists in a pie-eating competition or greedy, self-serving bastards which amounts to the same thing. Talk about an unholy alliance. I have utter and unbounded contempt for people like them – frankly, I’ve scraped better stuff off the soles of my shoes.

    • andimac
      Yeah I should change it to UK so I am being clear. The sad thing is though that I am not shocked by the job losses or the total lack of coverage by the yoon media and the silence of Labour. Even the unions should be coming out and admitting they fell for all the lies and while there was a chance a FMQs today to highlight this disgrace Wee Willie useless and the yons spend all the time on a road closure, total joke.

      Thanks for commenting.


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