I’ve been Bored well before now Corbyn

So Jeremy Corbyn is planning on spending more time in Jockland, so much so that we will get sick of him.

I’ll let Jeremy, the non socialist, into a wee secret, I got bored by him a long time ago. As @andrewlearmonth points out on Twitter Jeremy is the independence for everywhere except Scotland man, the no nukes except in Scotland man. I would just add that Jeremy is also the not turn up to vote man like on the vote regarding repairs to Buckingham, housing benefit , Palace or abstaining on the SNP motion to scrap the renewal of our weapons of mass destruction, you know the ones that cost hundreds of billions and are designed to kill poor ordinary people in other parts of the world.

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who supports Irish reunification, but when it comes to Scotland says “just to be absolutely clear, I do not think there should be another referendum. I think that independence would be catastrophic for many people in Scotland”. It’s not just the bullshit hypocrisy of yet another champagne socialist that bothers me, its not the fact that Labour leader after Labour leader tell lie after lie to the sheep, who think they are socialist, it’s the whole ” campaigning north of the border” bullshit. You see to people like Corbyn, that’s exactly what Scotland is to them, it’s north of the border of the motherland.

So Jeremy Corbyn, a wee hint, go f****** do one, no one cares and no ones listening north of the f****** border.


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4 Responses to I’ve been Bored well before now Corbyn

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Bang on, Bruce, bang on.

  2. andimac says:

    Aye, “campaigning north of the border” – like Butcher Cumberland and about as welcome.

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