We still have Workfare

I was under the impression that workfare was cancelled a few years ago after the huge outcry over the abuse of unpaid work.

That was until I saw the tweet below today.


As recently as last month B and M Stores were still at it. The gentleman in question worked 3 five hour unpaid shifts, was under the impression he was to be employed but then was cruelty informed he wasn’t just before he was ready to go to what he thought was his first job. B and M Stores refused to respond to the Mirror so we can assume the story is true.

However this look like it is not an isolated occurrence as Poundland continue to carry out the so called work experience placements in August of this year and reported in the Guardian.

People have also complained about being used by ASDA and also felt that they were being used as free labour as paid staff were sent home.

This is just a modern slave trade. Training and experience are vital in the search for work but not in this way. Companies are obviously still abusing the system when they can and that is morally wrong and it is a slave trade.

I sometimes think that this country can’t get any more disgusting but it does, the exploitation of people doesn’t stop just the name for the exploitation changes. I get more sick of this crap everyday and I continue to wonder how much more can we take before we say enough is enough.

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