I don’t really give much of a crap about flags, I never have. I think the Union Flag is one to be ashamed of but have never flown one or a St Andrews Cross. However, it appears that Scotland in Union want to save the St Andrews Cross from the dirty filthy nats.

Maybe they should have a word with their Brit Nat supermarket chums who are doing their damnedest to wipe the St Andrews Cross from their stores by branding Scottish produce British. Again the flag is less important than the brand, Scotland in Union can go do one sideways.

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8 Responses to Flags

  1. greig12 says:

    One of the reasons we may be perceived to be having a ‘monopoly on Scottish culture’ is that we, (the vile separatists) are by and large the people with the bigger investment in protecting it.

    More barrel scraping from the slavering yoon brigade.

    • greig12
      I agree, it’s just bullshit and trying to convince people that Britnats love Scotland when people like Scotland in Union would prefer it didn’t even exist. If those clowns had their way Scotland would have become England in 1707. As I said I don’t really care about flags but they are trying to wipe Scotland off the face of the map.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Brian says:

    It’s yet another desperate move. Their complete lack of confidence in the union becomes more and more apparent.

    • Brian
      They are bricking it. They are so afraid of England becoming even more insignificant then it is now and it scares the crap out of them. An independent Scotland, forward thinking, environmental, modern socially responsible democracy is everything they hate. Shared power and potentially a real go at a proper redistrubution of power and wealth keeps them awake at night. Bring it on.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. billy says:

    i think i may has asked this question before where do these rabid britnats go after independence and the way the nutjobs at westminster are going with brexit scotland will not only go for indy2 it will be forced to.
    are they going to move to whats left of the union or will they stay in scotland and try to undermine scotland and rejoin the union? because the way they go on they will never recognise scotland as a nation in it`s own right

    • Billy

      Its a good question, I think some nutters will cause trouble but it will end quick enough as I would imagine it would be clamped down down on very quickly, and maybe even an offence to do some things but you never know. Hopefully the really hard core Britnats will move south and be in the land of great, where they want to be anyway.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Lanark says:

    Completely agree with you on this. Especially the last sentence!

    • Anonymous says:

      I get emails from them and don’t cancel as i want to see what they are up and to be honest they are taking in the money. They will be more ready to go when the next Indy ref is called that’s for sure. YES need to get moving a bit more I think but SiU can go do one.

      Thanks for commenting.


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