What are Labour for?

Labour have yet again abstained on an amendment that could have put the government under pressure. The Labour Party’s record is a joke and if I was a Labour supporter I would be pissed right off.

A party that pretends it wants to be in Government can’t even vote for their own amendment.

They are an absolute joke of a party. Tory through and through and we even have fake nationalist Cat Boyd accusing the SNP of letting the Tories in in 1979,

even I know that a) Labour dropped the ball and b) it’s actually the voters who elect and in 79 they voted Thatcher.

I guess some columnists are really suited to the Labour Party. Either way with the election of unionist Richard Leonard to manage the branch office in Scotland, Kezia Dugdale away on a jolly and Cat Boyd being Cat Boyd Labour are back in full yoon mode.

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2 Responses to What are Labour for?

  1. Alan says:

    To be fair, Ian Murray’s amendment, as written, was a piece of pish.

    However, as the man himself pointed out, if there were technical issues with his amendment, then why didn’t the Labour front bench lay down better constructed amendments seeking to maintain SM and/or CU membership?

  2. Anonymous says:


    They had a chance to put pressure on the Tories and blew it yet again for fear of upsetting their racist voters in the north of England. Every party should be doing their utmost to bring this Government down before we are in a New Stone Age. I really despise the Labour Party so much not, there is no point in them any more and momentum need to break away, take what they can and form a new party.

    Thanks for commenting.


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