They won’t do Shit!

The sexual harassment scandal might start to pick up pace today, some papers, but by no means all, are starting to cover the story now. 

The Tories so far are the worse offenders if the alleged stories are true but it will effect all parties. The Speaker of the House of Commons has been asked by PM Theresa Mayhem to look into the standards of MPs. 

One Tory MP on Newsnight last night tried to imply that MPs are special because of their constitutional role. That the issue was difficult to deal with. No it’s f not. 

If I did some of the things reported in my job I would be sacked, no ifs, no buts, no doubts I would be sacked with immediate effect. 

It has been suggested that MPs could be recalled but anyone who has looked at that process know it’s bullshit. To recall an MP the following must be met

Section 1 sets out the processes by which the Speaker of the House of Commons would trigger the recall process, namely a custodial prison sentence, suspension from the House ordered by the Committee on Standards, or providing false or misleading expenses claims. Sections 7-11 outline the procedure whereby the petition is forwarded by the electoral returning officer for the constituency to the MP’s constituents for ratification, a 10% approval triggering the loss of the MP’s seat and a by-election, with Section 15 confirming the MPs seat becomes vacant if the petition is successful, notwithstanding the vacating on the seat by resignation or death.

MPs policing themselves is a joke as we know given they are still at it on expenses, finding ways to bend or get around the rules. No doubt some Minor Minister will be sacrificed, the media will say little other than blame the SNP and life will move on. 

It’s bullshit and we shouldn’t put up with it. 

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13 Responses to They won’t do Shit!

  1. Ray Melville says:

    Perhaps maximum exposure, constituency by constituency, at the next election could cause them not to be elected. Or even deselected before the election.

    • Bruce says:

      I am just sick of these parasites doing whatever they feel they can get away with, be it expenses, trolling teenagers, lies, the list goes on. We, as voters, have got to make a stand and ensure these scumbags don’t get elected no matter what party they are members of.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba says:

    I don’t care. It’s a distraction from the Brexit mess and the Universal Credit mess.

    Those are the real things we should be hammering them on.

    • Brian McGowan says:

      Hi bjsalba
      they are not mutually exclusive, surely? We should hammering them on all of the above, every hour every day etc etc. The BBC are distracting us with Trump’s men getting arrested in the States, doing their best anyway.
      I heard one of the wm govt’s BBC apologists, Norman Smith telling us that because Fallon has apologised everything is rosy. For how something like that would affect the rest of us, read Bruce’s post.

      • Bruce says:

        I agree, we have got to keep at them as best we can and esp on social media. We can’t afford to forget what these dogs are like and we take it into the next election. Every nail in the Tory and Union coffin is fine with me and we have to keep going, it all helps in the end. They won’t do much about this and that will also play into our hands if we keep at it. No matter which party it is, although it is mostly the scumbag Tories, it cannot and should not be accepted in any shape or form.

        Thanks for commenting.


    • Bruce says:

      I think it’s bigger than a distraction and another opportunity to weaken their power within parliament, send a serious message about what we are willing to accept and get rid of the ones who are pure scum, although I accept that’s about 500 of them. Also anything that weakens the Tories is fine with me and anything that gives May grief as well. This government are the worse in my lifetime but trolling young women is just disgusting. Who do they think they are, it’s bad enough that they target the poor, rip us off at every turn etc. We have got to take a stand and get these people gone, we deserve better than this shit although I don’t see much happening and it will take all of us to not forget come the next election.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. trispw says:

    I suspect newspapers are hoping that they will make as much money out of this scandal as they did over the last scandal (expenses… or as I prefer to call it “theft”).

    I wish we could live in a country where MPs (and their noble mates) were treated as human beings, not some sort of superiors. I wish the same rules would apply to them.

    Sex pests can wreck people’s lives. Let’s remember too, looking a the list that is circulating, that there are women on the list and there are men who pester men.

    Of course, some of the list deals with people who are simply enjoying non-standard sexual tastes. That, I maintain, is their business and no one else’s.

    But I suspect some have used their position and power to coerce people.

    We must also accept that it happens in other places besides Westminster. And it’s not acceptable.

    However, we mustn’t let it get in the way of the urgent business affecting Scotland at the moment. That is that Fluffy Muddle is withholding a report on how badly Scotland will be affected by Brexit. I’m certainly not suggesting that sex pests aren’t important, and indeed, that the perpetual drunks in government aren’t a menace to be removed.

    But every one of us is heading to hell in a handcart in a couple of years’ time. We need not to be distracted from the unfolding disaster.

    • Bruce says:

      I don’t doubt it has come at a good time in some ways for the Tories regarding Brexit. However, if people get really annoyed it will force changes in the cabinet and that will make things tougher for May and I am all for that. I really want this government to fall, they are the worst in living memory and the only way to deal with leaving the EU is a cross party approach. Hopefully people will also remember all of these stories and vote accordingly at the next election, many of those will be absolute scumbags and have no place in governing our country, no matter the party. This shit has to end and I know that I have had enough of politicians now, they either start treating the country with respect or they should be gone.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


      • trispw says:

        Interesting Bruce, I awoke in the middle of the night and couldnt get back to sleep, so I listened to the World Service for a while.

        On the news they made no mention of these matters although they covered the Kevin Spacey story in reasonable depth.

        Now I wonder who decides what is and is not world news.

        • Anonymous says:


          It is very interesting that it is barely being reported. They could be waiting on the more dirty details coming out but I suspect that the media and the political establishment are just one and the same now. However, once the two SNP ones are named the witch hunt will start in earnest eagerly reported by BBC North Britain and STV Union Tonight.

          Thanks for commenting.


          • trispw says:

            Obviously the SNP people will make headlines, but it will be slightly embarrassing, even for the BBC to make much of them, and nothing of senior cabinet ministers in England.

            Stiill, that’s never stopped the BBC before.

          • Ray Melville says:

            Radio 4 today at 16.50 had Guido Fox applying the first broad strokes of white wash, saying it wasn’t ‘news’ and the reasons nobody bothered reporting on it before. Basically, the commons journalists rely on MPs for their contacts so don’t report for fear of their jobs. Cover up in progress.

            • Anonymous says:

              Craig Murray has published the full list on his website, interesting reading and you do have to wonder why this list and names have not appeared in the press, they can’t be sued by publishing it as it’s in the public domain now but you’re correct they don’t want to lose both sources and their all too chummy friends.

              Thanks for commenting.


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