Stupidity, Laziness, Fear and Bullshit!

There is an interesting article in The National today, and very well covered by Peter A Bell over on Referendum 2018.

If you haven’t checked out Referendum 2018 then you should, it is one of the best sites out there devoted to not only supporting Scottish independence but educating along the way, and I suppose educating the very people that the article in the National is talking about. Iain Black noted in the article that some of the people he spoke to felt overwhelmed and confused by the amount of elections we have had recently and I have some sympathy for that view. Iain claims that “I THINK a lot of people would have voted differently if they had the right information. Lack of information baffled a lot of people.” Peter rightly points out that the whole purpose of Better Together was to generate doubt and create confusion, for me the purpose of Blair McDougall, Alistair Darling and the three BRITISH UNIONIST Parties was to lie, instill fear, and talk shit over and over again supported by the BRITISH UNIONIST media, and the really guilty party as we know was BBC Scotlandshire.

Iain talks about people’s need for more information on currency, tax, the EU, how the various institutions in an independent Scotland might look, the border with the rest of the UK, trade with England etc etc. Peter, from his own experience of talking to people, questions the claim that people need more information, Peter points out that the media’s job is to inform, that we should be encouraging engagement and participation as a counter to the British state’s efforts to promote alienation and detachment. All true and I accept that, but I would like to put a slightly different slant from my own conversations with people.

I have found that many people are clearly YES or NO, their reasons differ for their opinion on their choice of course, but have pretty much made up their mind. From the many NO voters I have spoken to they are Brit Nats end of. For them Scotland is an inconvenience, and they would have preferred Scotland to have just become England, or be called Britain, and the name be a name in history, remembered and quickly forgotten. These people rarely question the established order, have accepted through generations that to be Scottish is to be embarrassed, to be ashamed of it, Scotland is shite to them and always will be. The Scottish Cringe in all it’s glory and discussed very well by Wee Ginger Dug in the latest issue of the IScot Magazine. I have spoken to people who say that they just don’t like politics, no matter how much you explain to them that politics affects every part of their lives, they are not interested and are too busy watching Strictly Come Dancing and talking about celebrity shit and their pals behind their backs. These people can’t be bothered to find out information unless it’s what the days special is at Pizza Hut and what time Coronation Street is on and who their pal shagged at the weekend, behind their partners back. There is also some people who are just afraid, afraid of losing what little they have, afraid of their own shadow, this fear paralyzes them and they are the cannon fodder of Better Together and I find that talking to them sucks the life out of me.

Now the sane part of me accepts that we need to engage people in the debate, challenge the Unionists at every turn, questions the scumbag politicians in the three Tory Parties and their pals in the media, my rational brain sees that and understands that. But then there is that other part of me that is so f sick of the stupidity of many people who can’t see the truth around them, the lazy people who can’t get off their arse from watching Strictly to actually take an interest in their communities, their country and the people around them, and the ones afraid of their own shadow and who swallow every bit of bullshit fed to them and ask for more please.

All of these NO voters wear me down and suck the hope from me, I sometimes think that when we are an independent country we are stuck with these people and they will do their level best to drag us down by their laziness, their stupidity, their fear and their bullshit. For me there is no hope for those people and the sad reality is they will drag us all down and the scumbags in the Unionist Parties, who would not pee on us if we were on fire will win again.

I’m not giving up hope though and will keep fighting, at least I can go down with my head held high while the NO sheep watch strictly, eat pizza and get more blissfully ignorant by the day. Peter and YES have more faith in the people who share our land than I do that’s for sure.

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5 Responses to Stupidity, Laziness, Fear and Bullshit!

  1. Brian McGowan says:

    Since 2014 I’ve come to a similar conclusion. Few people now will be persuaded by personal, one to one argument/debate. I think many see an openly admitted change of mind as a weakness.
    It will take a significant political and /or economic event to change minds. The media certainly won’t stop pumping out lies and distortions in the short term….next 5 to 10 years. Beyond that, who knows.
    Let me add that me and my wife then are those strange beasts who fervently believe in Scottish Independence and who also watch Strictly:-)

  2. East Neuker says:

    I cannae watch strictly but agree with all the rest.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I’ll take back the Strictly lol. I agree with you, I think that things are going to have to get very very bad to convince enough to shift over and that is assuming we still have the 45% which I think we do just now. I do think the SNP have to be bolder, while I think the information is there it will never be enough for some and others need to see the bricks and mortar. I think the investment bank is a good idea and I think a separate currency is vital and should be announced now so people get used to the idea. Make a big deal out of designing Scottish notes etc, who should be on them, the design, make it an issue now so people get more and more interested in the idea. The yoons will rubbish it either way, by saying things will be a certain way we might just disarm their argument before any future campaign begins, like having a Scottish pound. We have them now so what changes, they even look better than the English one and I prefer them so use that argument, your pound is still the same pound in your pocket, nothing changes the yoons are lying and let them ban the Scottish note and see how that goes down, we need to lay our own traps now and the SNP just need to be brave.

    Thanks for commenting.


  4. It`s time for all the independence parties to hold talks together and not leave it just to the SNP. Some of the people who desperately want independence don`t like the way the SNP run our country ,whether it`s personality clashes or whatever but it is unfortunately a fact. Personally I think they are doing a fantastic job with the limited powers they have .PLEASE PLEASE put aside any differences and start getting more information out to the people to inform them as to how this beautiful country of ours could be one of the best countries in the world. BE POSITIVE , EXPOSE HOW WASTEMONSTER HAS STIFLED OUR GROWTH .GET US OUT OF UNNECESSARY WARS ,GET RID OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS AND ALL THE WASTE OF THE ENGLISH PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM. EXPOSE ALL THE WAYS WE HAVE BEEN SCREWED OVER THE YEARS. ONCE WE GET INDEPENDENCE WE WILL HAVE FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS AND CAN THEN DECIDE WHAT SORT OF GOVERNMENT WE WANT. STOP THE STUPID INFIGHTING AND GET TOGETHER. SAOR ALBA

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that the SNP are doing fine with what they have. They are also the only avenue for independence that’s why all my votes go to them every election from now on, I have always tended to give Green my list but not anymore, it has to be SNP. I do think they should be doing more around just making decisions now on the basis that they lead the Government right now and are the biggest element of the independence jigsaw. Announce a Scottish currency and get moving on it, announce how the various Departments will be structured, announce that the investment bank will be the national bank, announce seeking membership of EFTA etc. The yoons can then bang on all they want but their arguments will all be out there well before the next referendum and we will have a fair amount of time to counter them and hopefully convince the floating voter but many have already made up their mind so there is no reason not to just go for it now. The media are against us and Westminster will lie and cheat all the way, they will threaten doom and refuse a trade deal to call our bluff, they will talk about a hard border etc etc so lets get it all out there now, we need to bate them and get them angry now, it’s not hard and it will help us in the longer term if all their arguments are laid bare now.

      Thanks for commenting and taking time to read my rant.


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