Does that leave vote look as bad this morning. 

I have been following the disgraceful and disgusting events from Spain this morning on twitter. Some of the videos are a national shame, as is the silence from the so called media this morning, that same media who all last week were crying that we refuse to take them seriously. 

Given the silence of the EU on this issue I’m starting to think that for many today that leave vote might not look so bad. If being a member of the EU is silence in the face of brutality in trying to vote in a democratic referendum then I want no part in it. 

The EU, the UK, and the media today will be forever judged by their silence, my heart is with Catalonia this morning, the brutality of the Spanish Government and Police is horrific and I am so sorry that the EU and the UK don’t have the balls to defend you, democracy only on their terms. 

A national fucking shame. 

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10 Responses to Does that leave vote look as bad this morning. 

  1. Alan says:

    Ach, pish. The UK gov is doing sod all. The EU is in a tough spot – Spain holds a veto over just about everything but a vote of expulsion(which probably has to be unanimous).

    Don’t misunderstand me – I agree the EU should be doing something. But what precisely? The limitations of the EU as a federation applies here. It’s too decentralised to react quickly enough to fast-moving events.

  2. Alan

    They can and should use Article 7 which covers this, this would suspend Spain’s voting rights and have no impact on the workings of the EU as far as any veto goes. I think the actions are disgusting and shows how weak and beholden the EU is to vested interests, if the EU can’t protect it’s citizens being attacked by basically a state militia then there is no point in the EU at all. I would not have expected the Tories to say anything, Merkel had called the Spanish PM and demanded the violence stop and will be raising the issue in the parliament. There are thousands on the streets in Madrid tonight demanding the PM resign, I am ashamed of Europe tonight, the fist time since Kosovo, we never learn

    Thanks for commenting.


    • East Neuker says:

      I agree that the EU should use Article 7, but no one has the power to do so off their own bat without some form of consensus being reached. It would require at least a Council of Ministers agreement.
      If the situation continues without moves toward action by the EU I would agree with your condemnation, but as no one can actually act tonight, tomorrow, or indeed before the members excluding Spain have interacted I find your condemnation premature.

      • East Neuker
        I condemn all violence against peaceful voters. The EU have seen the build up of both Police and Military in Spain for the last two weeks and have had plenty of time to fire a quiet shot of advice their way. Only Merkel and Nicola Sturgeon have come out and condemned the violence today, the rest should feel shame in their silence. I know some people will say this is how it’s done, they never say anything publicly, thats not good enough. If the demonstrations continue in Spain and the Police continue to attack, what will it take, deaths. I go to Barcelona next week and I wish I wasn’t to be honest.

        Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba says:

    To think that the EU should be doing something right now is to fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the organization. It works by consensus and rule of law.

    Tusk is President of the Council. Spain is a member.
    Juncker is President of the Commission – in effect a civil servant or government employee.
    Antonio Tajani is President of the EU Parliament. It is likely that this will get debated. That debate will of course be public.

    In such an organization, what is not said is just as important as what is. None of the Heads of State have come out in support of the Spanis Government. Rajoy had to go to Trump (and promise to buy a heap of F-35s) to get support.

    As difficult as it may be, we have to be patient to let the processes run their course.

    • East Neuker says:

      Yes, as I said above, I agree that is the reality of the situation. The EU is not designed for instant response. Individual members must answer for themselves while the process of forming a joint decision takes place. So far no one is openly supporting Rajoy, although the UK Foreign Office is coming pretty close in their statements about Catalonia.
      I want to hear condemnation of the police violence from the British government, which can do so anytime it likes, but am not hearing it.
      Bruce, aim your fire at them.
      Good luck in Barcelona. Keep safe, and report back to us on what you see and hear.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand the nature of the organisation, I know perfectly well that they will move very very slowly for a number of reasons, independence movements in other countries, the Irish questions and the Scottish question and the fact that they only want to get involved when it’s not them. May can rightly condemn the nutter in Las Vegas using extremely strong language within minutes of it happening but not Catalonia. I just think that we can condemn Iraq, Syria, Libya, N Korea, Iran etc in minutes so when something happens as bad as yesterday being seen to hide away is not good enough in any shape or form. I was watching Euro news and they did speak to ordinary Europeans and the story was the same, where is the EU, it’s not good enough, this turns people off of the project. The list goes on. Sometimes patience is not acceptable at all.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • East Neuker says:

        For a good briefing on the necessary processes that the EU has to follow in these matters see –
        I think we should be condemning individual European governments, very much including the UK, who stay silent or support this fascism, but as far as the EU is concerned as an institution it is important to understand what its officials can and can’t do.

        • Anonymous says:

          East Neuker
          I’ll check out the blog, Terry is really good and informative and I haven’t been on his updates for a while so thanks for that. I accept your belief that we should criticise individuals governments, I am more inclined to do both, but I have noticed more people are starting to comment which can only be good. Spain now have a serious legitimacy problem as ignoring the vote just won’t work in the medium to longer term. Be interesting to see how this one goes, I have read a lot of posts from people who were remain but are now no so the first poll that askes the question will also be interesting.

          Thanks for commenting.


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