The Public Interest

Saw this today and thought this can’t be good news.

It appears that this report is being withheld due to the Government view that it would harm Brexit negotiations. Unite the Union have appealed the decision as they feel that the interest of the 3 million workers who work in the food chain, from farming to production to restaurants etc outweigh the Brexit position.

My thoughts are that they are keeping this secret as it will result in job loses, food price hikes, food shortages (as Unite imply) and an increase in both inflation and ultimately the shame of increased hunger and food bank use in the U.K.

You could also surmise that keeping this report secret will help hide the shafting that farmers are going to get in Scotland, the farmers who very publicly voted Conservative at the last election, the same farmers that the Scottish Government expect to lose a lot of money once the exisisting powers over agriculture are removed from Hollywood.

The Tories are also doing badly in the polls and this report could

make an early General Election more likely as people see their living standards continue to fall and job loses as a result of their frankly shambolic handling of Brexit negotiations to date.

I think we all need to be prepared for this Government not seeing out the next 12 months. Independence could be closer than we think so we must ensure that the SNP vote is there and the vote gets out, any shift to Scottish Labour is a vote for the union and increased secrecy and continuing decline in Scotlands position.



  1. Ricky

    I wonder if it will be anything like the 219% tariff that Bombardier just got hit with ? Its getting to the point that those who voted to leave must see the damage this will cause . We can only hope that a revolution is just around the corner .

    • Anonymous

      The leave vote won’t have had anything to do with the actions of the US, I suspect this is the first shot by Trump in a new impending economic war. Trump is no fan of NAFTA and if the U.K. Is pulled into this alongside Canada he won’t care.

      The leave vote I don’t think can necessarily be blamed for the incompetence of the Tories. People voted leave for many reasons, I am very uncomfortable with a lot of the EU and their silence on what Spain is doing confirms my fears to a degree. I think the EU has to change, I have argued that for a long time and it is interesting that Macron is arguing a few things that I have blogged about before like accountability and economic convergence, I was also for the UK being in the Euro and feel a lot of the issues with the Euro was because we were not members of it.

      Free trade needs to change across the world and Brexit is a part of it but the system serves the few and not the many and as long as that remains the case nothing changes for the majority of us in the EU or out and nothing gets better for the EU nations, its a shambles.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. trispw

    How can it not be in our interest to know what is going to hit us like a runaway train?

    I can remember as a small kid being told by adults that I didn’t need to know stuff.

    I feel that they are treating me in the same way now.

    What a bloody mess they are making of absolutely everything!

    • Anonymous

      The Tories are finished, it’s just a matter of time now In my opinion. Keeping this information secret is about avoiding the backlash as long as they can but it won’t work longer term. I suspect we will see even more positive Scottish Labour stories to try and weaken the SNP vote and some may be swayed. We have got to keep up highlighting Labour hypocrisy at every turn and SNP voters have got to vote this next time, that 16% who didn’t vote will be vital the next time.

      Thanks for commenting.


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