Politics on a Sunday

I watched some of the political fair that we get served on a Sunday morning and couldn’t help but come away thinking, how poor can it get.

First up was Andrew Marr. 

Andrew Marr has been in journalism his whole career, the son of investment bankers, privately educated in Scotland and attended Cambridge.  Andrew Marr has claimed in the past that he is of the left and had a much a role in the debate Nick Robinson had with Alex Salmond where Marr reported the same answer that was shown to have been a  lie on the reporting of athe question that Alex Salmond answered but which Robinson reported he hadn’t.

Today he interviewed Jeremy Corbyn, read from his list of questions and didn’t listen to the answers. To be honest it was tame and boring.

Peston on Sunday. 

Former Business Editor for the BBC, and now Political Editor for ITV. Robert Peston is the son of Lord Peston, did attend a state secondary school and then Oxford.

Today he interview John McDonnell, the Labour Shadow Chancellor, and didn’t really ask any difficult questions or glean any new information. His style is pretty boring, overly friendly and monotonous overall.

Sunday Politics with Sarah Smith. 

The daughter of the late Labour Leader John Smith. Smith attended school in Glasgow and graduated from Glasgow University and has worked for both Channel 4 and the BBC.

None of us will ever forget Scotland 2014, it’s etched on our memories forever given how bad it was and how anti independence and anti SNP it was, and how terrible Sarah Smith is as a presenter. Today I saw the Caroline Flint, Labour MP but could be a Tory interview, and the Andy Burnham interview. Again no real searching questions and all a bit cozy and bland.

The simple reality is that the tv political media is a cozy upper middle class, predominantly privately educated , group of mates who don’t inform, don’t investigate and certainly don’t educate. It’s pretty much shit and uninformative for the viewer and shows how much we are ill-served and gives a real understanding to the shitty level of political literacy in this country.

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4 Responses to Politics on a Sunday

  1. bjsalba says:

    Rememberthe Marr interview of Barroso during the first Indyref. Barroso was running for the top NATO job and Cameron promised him support. He didn’t get the job and from what I can tell, that interview put paid to his getting any other job in the public sector. He joined Goldman Sachs as soon as he could do so under the existing rules about jobs following being a commissioner. The Commissioners were so apalled that they immediately lengthened the time between leaving the commission and going to a commercial entity. Oh and Goldman Sachs is on their list of institutions that must be specially monitored (although that may be for what was done to Greece more than Barroso).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marr just had a list of questions that he read off without listening to the answers or really challenging anything, it was all a bit tame and boring on all of the programmes. To be honest these presenters and shows are politics very light for the ignorant they are so poor. I never saw the Barroso interview but always thought he was a bit of a plank, not for his stance on Scottish independence, just look at the EU response to Catalonia to see how much it is just the same as the UK, there are far too many now just in it for themselves, Barroso being the same, and it’s about keeping as many people stupid and thick for as long as they possibly can to enforce their preferred system of democracy or lack of, total shit across the board.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Brian McGowan says:

    Yes, I watched a bit of the Marr show on Sunday. He gave David Davies one of the easiest rides I’ve ever seen on this programme. No wonder Chomsky saw through him,

    • Brian
      It’s the first time I have watched any of them for a while to be honest and I was both disappointed but not surprised. They were all very poor and it just got me thinking that no wonder people are so ignorant of politics in Scotland when that is allegedly the best we have. Upper middle class sanitized news for the stpuid designed to keep us stupid, how depressing.

      Thanks for commenting.


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