Liberal Democrat Conference Willie Rennie

I actually saw this the other day and meant to write something as Wee Willie is always good for a laugh so here are my thoughts on his speech.

Willie started by saying he had “Good News from Scotland”, the Scottish Liberal Democrats won 3, yes I said it THREE seats in the colonies. Plus returned liar Carmichael in the land of what the hell are they thinking.

Deluded Willie thinks that,

the SNP have at last recognised that people do not want another independence referendum,the SNP have cooled on the idea. And that is thanks to everyone who campaigned and voted for the Liberal Democrats, the SNP are on their way out, they are going to lose the next election”.

Me thinks Willie might just have visited the bar before his speech if he think independence is going anywhere.

Willie then went into the Unionist mantra of running down Scottish Public Services,

“Scottish education used to be the pride of the nation. It was seen across the world as the gold standard.Now it has slipped down those international rankings. Scottish policing used to operate with public consent. Local forces connected to their communities. Crime levels at a record low. Now it’s in complete turmoil. It’s been through two chairmen, a chief executive, a chief constable and its second chief has stepped aside. And that’s just in four years.The NHS is something Scots cherish. It’s part of our very being.But now people wait for weeks to see a GP, consultant vacancies are growing, we’re short of nurses”.

Willie is having a wee bit of the Carmichaels here with rather huge, generalisations.

Willie talked a little about the future, or was that the past, or the next time maybe!

“Like in 1999 we will be ready for the change that will come next time. Just like in 1999 the Liberal Democrat programme will be bold, ambitious and focussed on changing our country for the better.
Just like in 1999 we will be ready to win. We are going to be helped in this by our new leader Vince Cable. Vince has strong links with Scotland – the place where he was first elected was in Glasgow .We are fortunate to have a strong and serious economic thinker at our head”.

Vince Cable, lol, the man who did NOT predict the crisis in 2008 but for some reason Liberals seem to think he did. He did say that Iceland was in trouble, that is hardly predicting a world financial crisis but then we know that the Liberal Democrats and truth don’t really go hand in hand.

Back to some SNP bad, needed some applause at this point.

“The SNP are dismantling local government. And Liberal Democrats will stand up to them. The SNP should spend less time demanding and grabbing power and more time delivering on their promises”.

I know, you just can’t write it lol. Wee Willie finished with,

“We are winning again. Winning at Holyrood, Westminster and in councils. Liberal Democrats have a big role to play in the future of our country”.

Willie Rennie is as vacuous as he has ever been, is as irrelevant as he has ever been, and needs to stick to farming.

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8 Responses to Liberal Democrat Conference Willie Rennie

  1. Maureen Potter says:

    His whole speech was utter tripe!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is just nothing there at all. He really is a vacuous politician and just another yoon doing his masters bidding. I just laughed when I watched it, SNP bad and look how brilliant I am, speaking to the converted who hardly laughed and weren’t exactly enthusiastic. The Lib Dems and Willie Rennie are just not relevant and if he thinks independence is going away he is in for a surprise.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Helena Brown says:

    That wee arse used to be my MP, thank goodness the voters eventually saw sense and we returned Douglas Chapman last election.
    Trouble as I see it is the allure of £300 a day and a wee title to keep the chill of being a traitor at bay. This is an infection with all of the Unionist, ahem, leaders.

    • Helena
      Yeah destined for the House of Dead and £300 a day plus expenses. I really can’t stand him at all, I actually think he is nasty piece of work but not many agree. He would sell his soul for his precious union and continued servitude.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. greig12 says:

    I think that when he ran in the Kelty Coal Race, the bag of coal was badly positioned and cut the blood supply to his brain. The result being that he repeats the same shit over and over, merely rearranging the words between speeches in a vain effort to make the same message sound different.

    I can’t bear to listen to him, he’s a vindictive twerp.

    • greig12
      I am not a fan either, a man who has made a good living out of contributing nothing to the debate other than doing his masters wishes, he is the worst kind of unionist as he just can’t see any potential in anything unless it fits his narrow yoon agenda. I hope the Scottish Lib Dems keep him though, he is an asset to the yes side.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Jimmy says:

    Which telephone box did this take place in?

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