5.44 Million

That’s how many public sector jobs that have been lost in the last seven years of Tory Government according to the Mirror.

Public Sector workers now make up just 16.9% of the total workforce in the UK, this is the lowest number since the 1940s. All of this has been done in the name of austerity . Add in the cuts to social security and you have to ask yourself where has all this money saved gone.

We know that there has been a massive growth in agency staff, when you add in the sale of public assets, the creep of privatisation in the English NHS then the Tory narrative becomes even clearer. They won’t be happy until they have returned us to the dark ages.

The impact of this programme of staffing cuts is frightening to say the least . We know about the disgusting rise in food banks in this country but as Unison have highlighted the impact across the board is huge.

Cuts to the public sector hurt the poorest , not the wealthy . The Tories, helped by Labour and the Liberals, have painted a picture of the un deserving poor, don’t believe them. The Tories have not changed, they are the party for the rich and powerful as they have always been, the rest of us don’t matter other than at election time and even then they just lie.

Stop falling for their shit, we have got to get the Tories out for all our sakes, ffs people stop voting for these toilet stains.

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2 Responses to 5.44 Million

  1. billy says:

    it is always been the the same no matter which party is in power their rhetoric has never changed demonize the furriners and the poor,disabled and mentally ill all the vulnerable in society.
    there may be a small minority working on the side and claiming the government should have gone after them they may know who they were but instead decided to demonize every claimant by imposing a blanket sanctions regime to punish all the poor,disabled and the mentally ill and the reason it was successful was the majority of voters bought into their rhetoric with the help of the britsh media.
    ony way to fix it tear down the britsh system of government and replace it with a more democratic government with a written constitution but the politicians,royals,business and the media will not let it happen the only way it will happen if the majority of english voters want it to change and i do not think they would vote that way to change it so we are screwed forced to live in a system most scots do not want but the unionist scots will always vote to maintain it will scotland ever wake up vote independence rid ourselves of these britsh bullies and killers for there is people been forced into committing suicide by their benefit sanctions. but i despair wrong side of fifty now will i ever see an independent scottish nation in my lifetime?

    • Billy
      Nothing will change without, as you say, major reform and that won’t happen because it deosn’t serve the three tory parties and their gravy train. I am with you , I am nearly 50 now and have zero faith in my fellow Scots to break free from their chains, we will go down as the only country ever to have voted away it’s independence, how shameful is that. I hate the UK, it is a disgusting and horrid shitty little place and that is why I am no longer that polite to yoons and I don’t care if I they dont like it, f them. Labour and the Liberals sold us out, sold out their country and I don’t care what people say they are quislings, end of.

      Thanks for commenting.


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