Just when you thought

It couldn't get any worse it might just be around the corner. Political Betting has the following as favourites to replace Theresa May.

Is this really the best the Conservatives have to offer. We are so screwed for the longer term it's truly frightening. David Davis is the truly frightening front runner, Jacob-Rees Mogg would certainly be a true posh boy in charge and Ruth Davidson would just shout at everyone but have the Tories ever been as vacuous as they are right now. The fact that Theresa May is Prime Minister shows how bereft of talent the UK, and in particular the English, political scene has become. Labour have Jeremy Corbyn and the Liberals Vince Cable, we really are up shit creek without a paddle.

I don't think anyone really knows if the money behind the Conservatives will force a leadership challenge this year, probably not. They will probably wait until Brexit really starts to be the disaster in negotiations that many think it will be. Whatever happens though the Conservative Party are in serious trouble, as are Labour and the Liberals, and ultimately us. There is no leader in the U.K. that really stands out.

We are fortunate to have Nicola Sturgeon but at a UK level there is no one. It's interesting that Damian Green is so low down, it must be because he is soft on Brexit and while I can't stand any of them he comes across as the most professional to me.

The main players in my lifetime have been Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May and the sad reality is that Thatcher and Major were probably the most competent of that bunch but the bar keeps getting set lower. If the list above doesn't encourage or scare people into voting yes nothing ever will.



  1. andimac

    Is this really the best the Conservatives have to offer? Yes.
    Have the Tories ever been as vacuous as they are right now? Yes.
    You write, “the bar keeps getting set lower.” The bar can never be set lower than Thatcher. Competent she may seem to have been, although I would strongly disagree, but in every important respect – the ones that make many of us humane and civilised – I believe she was the most repellent and truly vicious individual to have held political office in the U.K. for, at the very least, the past century. Margaret Hilda Thatcher only did one good thing – she died. Sadly, her legacy – hatred, division, discrimination, vainglorious militarism, dog-eat-dog selfishness – did not expire with her.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong I have no love for any of the Tories. Thatcher shaped my political beliefs more than anyone and she started the whole sorry mess this country has become but compared to what they have now she was is a genius. I can only hope that this continued drive to the bottom with thick privileged Tories in power leads to more people moving to yes, although the stupidity of some of our fellow Scots never ceases to amaze at times. I despise everything they stand for and wish to f they were not our problem but their continued vacuous stupidity is going to hurt everyone more than ever, well apart from the top 5%, they will be protected and heaven help the rest of us if we don’t get out soon.

    Thanks for commenting.


    • andimac

      I didn’t think for a minute you had any love for the Tories. I couldn’t agree with you more about the stupidity of many fellow-Scots. For that matter, the stupidity of many in other parts of the U.K. I just cannot comprehend why ordinary, working people can be so bereft of common sense as to elect politicians who are so detrimental to their basic welfare and interests. It’s easy to blame the biased media, print and broadcast, but even so you’d think people would have enough intelligence to see through the lies. I guess the majority of the population are even thicker than I thought and, believe me, I thought them irredeemably dense.

      • Anonymous


        That is truly the scary thing that so many are so ignorant of what is happening to them and around them. It amazes me so many are falling for the rubbish that they receive and just fall for the crap they hear. The amount of anti foreigners stuff I hear now is really scary and even some in my own family do not get it. I remind them that my wife was born in Ghana and our children are mixed race to get them to think about things. I hate what this country is becoming. I do think we are going back in time.

        Thanks for chatting.


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