Irony Part 642

Saw this story online today from the Telegraph, and I think it was mentioned on the news last night, and just had to have a wee chuckle.

It appears that certain high-ranking EU Officials might be staying in fancy hotels and using private planes which they call air taxis to the tune of more than £90,000. The Telegraph tells us that it was the paper that broke the MP expenses scandal so is reporting this one. A Government source (unnamed of course) is quoted as saying ” One of the many reasons why people voted for Brexit was Brussels love of lavish spending. The Commission still doesn’t get it, they are making exorbitant demands for money, like the divorce bill, only to splash the cash on wasteful spending and out of touch perks”. LOL.

Of course Britain would never ever do that would they.

Just a couple of years ago we learned that Whitehall officials had spent more than £100million on taxis, business class flights and first class rail travel over a four-year period, according to official figures. One rule for the Tories and our politicians and one for the EU and others. The hypocrisy of the Tories and politicians in general really pisses me off, remember during the London riots a student with no criminal record was jailed for six months for taking a £3.50 six pack of water from Lidls, tell me who is guilty of the greater crime.

Politicians and officials everywhere are at it at our expense and if the Tories want to have a go at the EU then get this countries house in order, of course they won’t, but it is so much easier to accuse Johnny foreigner of thieving from the tax payer than addressing our own somewhat more lavish pampering of the Prince and Princess’s of Westminster and the unelected.


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2 Responses to Irony Part 642

  1. John Cunningham says:

    Laws for some, why are these people getting away with this, has no one got the bottle to investigate this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no doubt that the EU are up to the same perks that the UK have always enjoyed but I suspect that theirs might be less expensive and less lavish as the Windsor clan and the politicians.

      Thanks for commenting.


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