Dripping in Sarcasm

I saw this article in the Guardian Online and thought, at last they are getting the message, they are catching on.

The gist of the article is mainly the Grenfell disaster in London and the response to the media but there is some mention of Scotland and experiences during the referendum, from the press point of view.

However the article just drips in sarcasm in that for me it scoffs at the new media and tries to blame the new media for the mainstream media’s failures, in my opinion anyway .

From the outset Andrew Harrison sets up the usual that we have come to expect. He tells us that The Canary and Evolve Politics are conspiracy news outlets, way to go, he goes on to say that the media’s failure to predict Trump and hold someone to account for the fire has resulted in confidence in the media taking a battering to the extent that only 24% of people now trust the media, I’m surprised it’s that high. Where has this guy been, Mars. Confidence in the media eroded years ago and only the hacks defend the hacks as we have seen recently in Scotland.

We also get a quote from Nick Robinson regarding his somewhat embarrassing incident with the truth:

“I don’t think my offence was sufficient to justify 4,000 [most estimates said 1,000] people marching on the BBC’s headquarters so that young men and women who are new to journalism have, like they do in Putin’s Russia, to fight their way through crowds of protesters, frightened as to how they do their jobs,”. Robinson even had the gall to blame Alex Salmond for his own lies “Alex Salmond was using me as a symbol of the wicked, metropolitan, Westminster classes sent from London in order to tell the Scots what they ought to do.” Really.

Andrew goes on to defend Laura Kuenssberg when he says “Kuenssberg became a lightning rod for the new left’s dissatisfactions, the target of a petition demanding that she be sacked and for routine, vitriolic accusations of bias towards the government. Instances that did not fit the narrative”. No mention of the fact that Laura Kuenssberg was found by the BBC Trust to have been inaccurate about a story regarding Jeremy Corbyn (the rest of us call them lies but not the BBC). Hack protecting hack.

Andrew also goes on to quote Mark Wallace of Conservative Home (unbiased of course) “The traditional flaws we see in the BBC might not come from intentional bias but an assumption that they are the sensible centre-ground, so how could anyone possibly disagree with them?” Bite me, anyone with a fair mind who has seen any of BBC Scotland News coverage or watched an episode of Question Time from Scotland knows that is bollocks.

My heart bleeds, no mention of the fact that Nick Robinson lied regarding an answer from First Minister Alex Salmond on national tv during the referendum, no apology to the people who pay for the BBC for years and years of worse propaganda than even Russia, no its all the fault of cybernats (yoon is offensive but cybernat not) turning Scotland into Russia.

Where do these people get off. They just don’t get it.

We would all love to have a media with integrity and principle, but we don’t. We would love to have journalists who stand up for truth and balance in the mainstream, but we don’t. We have a mainstream media that is not held to account at all because they are a law unto themselves. The status quo suits them and their employers so they will defend it to the end, to hell with balance and truth.

Impartiality ended a long time ago, you just have to watch or listen to anything on BBC Scotland News to see that. As recently as yesterday it was all Michelle Thomson demands apology from SNP, no mention of her criticism of the media, where is the honesty there. New media like The Canary and blogs are not perfect, will make mistakes and get things wrong. The difference is that if I blog something inaccurate by all means correct me, I make an effort to research my blogs and I try as best I can to double check any sources I use and most of the blogs etc I read do the same. If only the mainstream media would do the same, don’t believe me then check out a series of coincidences and the King of Irony on Wings Over Scotland to see exactly what I mean.



  1. trispw


    The BBC, royal charter and all, is actually tasked with defending the union. It’s clearly biased against independence for Scotland and I imagine, unification of Ireland.

    Robinson is an obnoxious little man. He comes over as biased on the matter of Scotland and I think he is. I can accept that, but he’s unpleasant with it. After his illness he was given a post as an anchor on the Today Programme, the flagship morning required listening for politicians et al. He joined a team some of whom had been there for decades… most notably John Humphries, generally accepted by all to be senior. But Robinson somehow expects to be given the most important interviews, and apparently, has hissy fits if he doesn’t get them. This to the extent where Humphries nearly called it a day. And Robinson isn’t a quarter of the man that Humphries is.

    Blogs do their best. Of course, some are good and some are bad… in all shades of politics. But the good ones are very good, and traditional journalism doesn’t like being out-read by the work of amateurs. (Like him or not Stuart Campbell is very good. I’ve rarely, if ever, seen better.)

    So call them cybernats and give them a persona of slightly unhinged, loners sitting in their bedrooms in the middle of the night, blogging because they have no friends. (OK, I own up…they got that right with me!!!)

    As news papers have become less read, so they get less readable. It’s a downward spiral. People read them less; they have to pay off staff; the writing becomes poorer; people read them even less; they pay off more staff, etc, ad infinitum.

    I swear that the Scotsman is now in the charge of 2 blokes and the cat. And the cat is the boss.

    I long for the days when there were some good newspapers.

    When I was young I took the Daily Telegraph. Odd choice, perhaps you think. But back then they used to cover the news fairly and they had a really good crossword, hard enough to test you, but easy enough to complete, even if it took most of the day on and off.

    Yes, their editorials were bat shit mad right wing blethers, supportive of Major and then Hague and Iain Duncan Smith, but they kept the bias out of their news reporting.

    The Daily Telegraph today may still have a good crossword (I don;t know), but the Barclays have reduced it to little more than a tabloid without tits.

  2. Anonymous


    I read the whole long article and just thought the writer doesn’t get it at all and was basically blaming us for being too thick to understand the nuance of real precessional journalism. The attempted defence of Robinson and Kuessenberg said it all really, poor them caught lying by the dirty unwashed who don’t understand anyway. There were a few interesting parts in the article but it was really just a smart arsed attempt at tarnishing new media and its readers, overall a rant.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. greig12

    Manipulation of the truth so it can be given a certain slant often makes stuff more interesting. I mean, who wants to read totally objective reporting of the facts all the time? If this was the case or even possible we would only need one news source so some degree of bias is probably unavoidable.

    I think it has unfortunately evolved from manipulation to lying which has become institutional and due to how media is owned and run in this country has made the dangerous jump to blatant propaganda. Institutional lying permeates our media and our politics, the justification often made being, that the other side does it too. Everybody being at it doesn’t make it ok, it diminishes us and damages democracy.

    How to stop it, I haven’t a clue? The emergence of the on line blogs are certainly having a positive effect. The only power we have at present is to stop buying it but I fear that may not be enough.

    • junius45

      I was at the BBC demo that day, a very good natured crowd & apart from the occasional head at the windows saw nobody enter Pacific Quay headquarters, so tripe as may be expected!

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t there but read a few blogs at the time and nothing Robinson says about the day rings true with what actually happened, he is just can’t bring himself to admit that he was both wrong and lied, end of. He got caught big time and people didn’t stand for it and he hated it. Tris comment about what he is like is very interesting.

        Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous

      That’s a fair point, just facts would be boring so slant is probably required, but maybe we can at least expect all sides being represented in the presentation of the facts and some principle being held around fairness. Too much to expect and no easy answer but I know that I would force newspapers when having to present a correction to have to do it on the front page in large font, that might stop them printing so much rubbish, maybe a panel of readers to be part of the complaints procedure. The article had some good points but the overall article felt like a little go at new media and the implication that ordinary people are just too thick to understand what the journalists are trying to convey.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. hettyforindy

    So, the Graun, appealing to those who think what they say is gospel, and who actually look at you as if you are mad if you say you read an article on the internet which contradicts the daily rags and the bbc’s daily lies. 100% of the so called media, were and are anti Scottish independence and certainly anti SNP. Yet they cry wolf when their lies and bias are exposed. You could hardly make it up really. The stuff of nightmares, where those who tell the truth, backed up with actual facts, are labelled as unworthy of attention, and conspiracy theorists. Classic tactic. Sadly many still believe in the mass (hysterical) media.

    A dangerous and sinister situation when you have the so called media dictating and telling people what to think and believe, rather than exposing the wrongdoings of governments, and other publicly funded organisations.

    Keep supporting online news, ie ‘blogs’ and alternative media, because we sure as hell need it.

    • Anonymous

      A bit 1984 going on me thinks but I agree it’s not good at all for our society or our democracy that the mainstream media can get away with this and there is just no official check and balance, or sanction that means anything. Most of the media are anti-SNP and anti-independence and will do anything to maintain their status quo, while professing to be the standard bearers that hold democracy to account they are actually one of the largest tools to ensure we have a very limited version of it. New media is definitely the future but we do need the print media, at the very least so we can rip the s*** out of it on a daily basis.

      Thanks for commenting.


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