I don't often draw a breath at a headline but I did at this one today.

How can this in any way be justified at this time. This rise to take affect in September will effect 3.1 million customers in the U.K. Allegedly this rise is due to energy policy and delivery of electricity to people's homes.

Thatcher started the glorious sell off of all our assets in the 1980s, British Telecom, Steel, Gas, and the last of the Electricity companies in 1990. Assets that should have been for the betterment of society were sold off to Tory pals, oh the public got to buy a small amount of shares each but most went to big business and others.

From water to gas to post the great sell off has resulted in people losing their jobs and the consumer facing higher and higher prices. This is not Rip Off Britain for nothing you know, I just wonder when enough will be enough. This price rise will make it even more difficult for millions of people to get through the month and just maybe get through the winter.

British Gas made a profit of £574 million last year. Did they really need to raise prices, the simple reality is ordinary people just don't matter, profits matter, hardship doesn't matter, getting rich matters and what the politicians will say is that you should switch. Total joke.

This rise is a disgusting vision of things to come, Brexit I fear will be the excuse all these companies need to raise prices even more and the politicians will sit back and do nothing while you and me pay their energy bills on their second homes.

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6 Responses to 12.5%

  1. andimac says:

    I agree that this nothing more than absolute profiteering and you are dead right that it is a “disgusting vision of things to come”, but, in all honesty, I can’t say I was surprised by the announcement. I said on Munguin’s New Republic, “I firmly and honestly believe in the unshakeable stupidity of the majority of the British public”. That was with regard to Brexit, but it applies to almost
    everything in the political and social spheres. We’re saddled with this appalling Tory government, we’re facing a Brexit catastrophe, in my view, of almost unimaginable harshness because of this stupidity. The U.K., in all its constituent parts, will be a poorer, nastier place for everyone because a majority of its electorate, albeit not a huge one, are fundamentally stupid and politically illiterate as well as moronically selfish. Thatcher bought them with her lure of buying their council houses at knockdown prices and sold them the canard about ordinary people being shareholders. They were too thick to understand the value of social housing and to appreciate that they already owned the railways, telecommunications, etc., industries they were to be allowed to buy shares in. The great British public – stupid then, stupid still. British Gas know they can announce this price rise with impunity – the “fairer Britain for all” Tories will do nothing about it. It’ll be the first of the many big price hikes coming our way. I wouldn’t mind if it was only the numpties who are going to be affected: it’ll serve them right. Unfortunately, the rest of us will also have to suffer for their stupidity.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thatcher got people to buy the things they already owned collectively, you are 100% correct on that one. I live in social housing for example but it’s not social housing anymore, my rent is higher than a mortgage. A colleague at work who lived in the same type of house as I do just bought a house and is paying half what they paid in rent on their mortgage. Tory Britain.

    It is going to get worse I agree with you there, and certain companies and others will profit from it, Labour and the Tories will do nothing. Most voters will stay ignorant as the media won’t cover it until it’s too late and the poor will somehow be at fault anyway. This rise is nothing short of a crime, an independent Scotland has got to take back control of public utilities and make them not for profit, run them like the water or we will be screwed over as we have been since Thatcher started the whole shitty process.

    I sometimes think that people won’t put up with this anymore but then something like this comes along, hardly covered in the news and the people that do know about it don’t seem to care enough to fight back.

    What a shambles.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Anonymous says:

    brexit was voted for and therefore it is deserved. end of.

    • Anon

      You sound like a Liberal.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Anonymous says:

        People knew why Brexit meant, right wing and profits for the rich. Anyone who voted thinking it would actually make the working class stronger or have more rights is just daft

        • Anonymous says:


          Some people probably didn’t think that but people voted Leave for many reasons. Brexit Tory style Ian going to cost the poorest the most and in that it is a disaster.

          Thanks for commenting.


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