He’s Right You Know, but which part?

So the Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, has been caught making a wee cheeky statement which shows the true Tory in him.

When discussing the public sector pay rise freeze at 1% Philip Hammond is alleged to have said ” public sector workers are over paid when you take into account pensions ” while refusing to lift the 1% pay cap.

Now in fairness to poor Philip he is correct, but only when you apply it to MPs. MPs at Westminster, public sector workers after all, receive £76,011 per year, and recently had a 1.4% pay rise. In 2015 MPs got a 10% pay rise against the 1% being imposed on the real public sector workers across the country. In fact Philip Hammond gets £134,565 being a Cabinet Minister, add in the very generous pension that is better than most, if not all, of both the private and public sectors.

Philip Hammond also gets a free Central London flat and the use of a country house in Buckinghamshire, this according to the Independent gives him a yearly package of around £400,000 making him one of the highest paid public sector workers in the UK. However, Philip is really coming out of his shell these days, last week he apparently told the Cabinet that driving a train has become such a doddle that it is no longer beyond a woman’s capabilities, what’s next a female Dr Who ffs. Philip Hammond is also a millionaire and has a habit of transferring property to his wife according to the Mirror, this habit of his saves him around £200 pounds a month. The property he transferred is now worth £600,000 and happened just months after the tax payer stopped picking up his mortgage costs.

Philip Hammond voted for the cut to the top rate of income tax and the changes to business rates, of course Philip will benefit as well as the Sun reported, Philip Hammond owns a controlling interest in Wrexham-based Castlemead, whose head office rates bill will drop by £12,361 over the next five years. Public Sector workers are NOT overpaid, only some of them are, like Philip Hammond, and it looks like Philip Hammond is going to be ok, that is such a relief. I was so concerned about how he was coping, especially with the rise in inflation that is driving so many of the working poor to the local food bank.

The Conservative Party are for the rich, simple as that. The Resolution Foundation found that the tax changes that came in in April 2017 mean the richest will reap 80% of the rewards from the tax and benefit changes that start to come into effect, while the poorest will become worse off. Bit of a no brainer. I despise people like Philip Hammond and I despise the Conservative Party, what can’t people see, what don’t people understand. The longer this disgusting party have any control over Scotland the poorer we will be, the worse off we will be, and the hungrier we will get.


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