Obnoxious Clown

Is there anyone more obnoxious right now than Tory MSP Professor Adam Tompkins. He is definitely up there with General Davidson and Murdo Fraser, he is also good at talking Scotland down. He was at it again this week with the tweet below:

Of course Tomkins will say this was a tweet about the SNP but we all know what he means and James Dornan is spot on. These bloody Tories and their pals in blue Labour will talk Scotland down at every opportunity, even when they are both wrong and can do damage to the economy

Scotland employs around 18% of all those in the UK that work in the Space Industry, bringing in almost £180 million pounds per year to the economy, and creating 7000 additional high end Jobs in hundreds of companies in recent times. Glasgow made more satellites than any other city in the EU in the last year, but hey its ok for clowns like Tompkins to make fun about it just to get an SNP hit on social media.

These scumbags have no shame, I would hate to have to be taught by the likes of Tomkins.  He is supposedly an expert on the constitution,  you have to wonder, given how much he appears to like talking Scotland down,  how much truth actually gets into a lecture.

I am so sick of these bloody Tories, getting paid to put the boot into what is obviously not their country, their country is England masquerading as the UK. They don’t give a shit about Scotland.



  1. Andimac

    I love Tompkins’ comment that “science fiction still dominates one half of Scottish politics”. Well, as far as I’m concerned, the other half and virtually the whole of Westminster politics is dominated by fairy stories. You know the sort of thing – the hero/prince/princess/smart kid takes on the ogre/giant/witch/E.U (oops), goes through all sorts of trials and tribulations but wins in the end and…they all live happily ever after. Unfortunately for Tompkins, the Tories and all the braindead Brexiteers it won’t be a pot of gold at the end of this tale, it’ll be a crock of shite. Well, at least Tompkins and his like won’t feel out of place there – he’s not so much a hit as a shit on social media. As to his “holiday”, he’s probably just back from Belfast where he’s been fingering his flute while watching the boys twirling their batons.

    • Anonymous

      The killer is people like Tompkins will be ok, no food banks for them. I was watching the news last night though and find it so funny that they are all fighting in various sections of the Tory Party, who will be the next leader and all that. Bring it on, the sooner they fall apart the better, I will just live in hope that some Scots wake up before it’s too late.

      Thanks for commenting.


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