The Daily Mail has went into a yoon fest right wing madness meltdown today.

So much for partners of equals, so much for the UK family of nations. If you don’t agree with the right in England you are ganging up on the poor English and the democratic will of England and according to their followers you are TRAITORS .

Can you imagine for one minute if anyone from the SNP or Greens said that, if a single member of YES Scotland said that. We would have Kezia Dugdale, General Davidson and Willie Rennie up in arms , Jackie Baillie would have a red faced meltdown, Adam Tompkins would tell us how unconstitutional we are, Alex Cole-Hamilton would do what Willie Rennie tells him and Murdo Fraser would somehow manage to mention Glasgow Rangers and the Orange Order in his defence of all things right wing England.

In the week when so called Cybernats were again the headlines from the likes of Hjul in The Dundee Courier we see the Mail headline has unleashed the dogs.

It goes on

And on

All you Europhiles it’s the gallows for you as soon as our human rights are removed one second past Brexit time. What has England become! I know Scotland and Wales have them as well ,  we certainly have the bloody Orange Order parading their hate through our streets , but England certainly seems to have a large vocal wing of let’s all hate Europe.

I really do think a large part of the UK has gone mad and still too many Scots don’t see it and continue to put their trust in yoonionist politicians, I just don’t understand it at all. We are really going to need Indy2 if we are to have any hope of saving ourselves , people need to come to their senses very very soon.




  1. Stan Wilson

    What else can you expect from English supremacist bigots? They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in their purblind backsides. Their language says it all, basic use of their own tongue, fed by the propaganda published by the Sun. I say the Sun, going by the low understanding of Brexit and vocab.
    You cannot be a traitor to a foreign country or do all English-speaking people pay homage to Englandshire.
    Poor fools, please do expel all of Scotland from your bigotry and give us the choice we voted for, to stay in the EU.
    Saor Alba

    • grumpyscottishman

      Like too many here when it comes to their faith in the UK, just look at the repeal bill, shafted already. Lets see what that plonker from the Fisheries body says now, he will probably blame the SNP. We might not even have a Holyrood at this rate in the future. I follow a few things on twitter and was a bit surprised that this came up given that it is just a hate fest as usual from knuckle draggers down south.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      At lot of people voted leave for a lot of reasons, and while some predicted the Government would make an arse of it, no one predicted the right wing loathing that would sadly become the norm for many.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Anne Deery

    Beggars belief that those brainless wonders even made it to a polling booth. Time we left englandshire to it’s own devices.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Lol, you do have to wonder. Voting is so important but voting with a modicum of knowledge helps. I admit I voted leave, totally regret it now given how it is being used but my vote was based on pretty much how Greece, Portugal etc were treated and things like TTIP and the increasing rubber stamping of commissioners decisions by the council of ministers but I regret it now and I have always said I would vote for an independent Scotland to join as it would be a Scottish Government representing us and not a Government elected by another country because we are too shit scared to look after our own affairs.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Brian McGowan

    I don’t use Twitter, so I’m not familiar with the rules. I note though, that these “tweets”, in your article above have been ‘Moderated in advance’. Whoever is doing the moderating thinks it acceptable for First ministers in the UK to be branded as Traitors?

    • grumpyscottishman

      I like twitter I must admit as you get access to some really good blogs and I think the news is a bit more honest but not by much. You have to wonder what they left out, totally see where you are coming from there. Being labelled a traitor, by anyone but a YES voter, is ok by the look of things but some of these people must be knuckle draggers by any description.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. trispw

    Aye… what happened to the state of equals?

    Truth is that Scotland voted 62% to stay in the EU.

    It’s not impossible for states to have ‘part in part out’. Denmark can do it.

    The Scottish government is right to act on the referendum result in Scotland, or at least to try to get the best possible deal for Scotland.

    The great repeal bill is an obscenity. It gives m ministers, even ones as irresponsible and incompetent as Liam Fox, and Boris Johnson carte Blanche. It will serve Scotland badly, and all we have looking after our interests in England is Fluffy Muddlehead.

    They still may get no deal (which she has told us over and over is better than a bad deal… It’s NOT)

    No deal means that not only do we have to trade a WTO rates but we fall out of all the organisations that Europe operates on our behalf.

    The first thing we’d notice is that there are no flights… we’d not be in Open Skies.

    The incredible ignorance of the facts is beyond belief.

    • grumpyscottishman


      It’s a mess but it could be the mess that leads to Scottish independence, surely people are not as blind as to not see what is going on. We also have the fact that Westminster will never ever allow any of the other home nations to be successful, what don’t people get about that. It’s why the yoons constantly talk Scotland down and compare it to England, they want it to be shit and when Scotland bucks the trend the try to ignore it or make Jackie Baillie could do better statements or Dugdales and Davidsons blind hatred of anything SNP and anything good for Scotland. Things are going to get bad though and quickly, there is still a part of me that thinks there will be a treaty change on worse terms that the UK will have to vote on.

      Thanks for commenting.


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