Something Different: A Guilty Pleasure

Last night I was feeling a little peckish so had a guilty pleasure, the crisp sandwich.

Now some people might find this minging but it is far from it. The choice of bread and crisp is very important when making a crisp sandwich, I tend to go for Warburton’s White Bread and Golden Wonder ready salted crisps, bacon can work and even salt and vinegar but never prawn or beef flavours, they just don’t work at all for me. I know someone who puts cucumber on theirs, but that is going too far and I have heard of someone putting grated cheese on theirs and tomato sauce.

There is a guy in Yorkshire who has even opened a crisp sandwich shop!

Obviously the man is a legend and he does all crisps. Now I would visit his shop if I lived in Yorkshire but I don’t, I live in Dundee and have never even had a deep fried Mars bar that Dundee was famous for a wee while ago. However, when having a week look at his shop he does a hula hoop sandwich, that just can’t work. Surely it has to be ordinary, state of the art, traditional crisps, none of this wotsits or quavers nonsense.

I may not have another crisp sandwich anytime soon but I will definitely have it with a beer the next time.



  1. jimnarlene

    Plain bread, tomato sauce crisps.
    When I was a bairn, we had pieces and sugar, with butter, sounds disgusting; but at the time, wonderful.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Not a plain bread fan must admit but tomato sauce crisps sound like being worth a go. I remember the sugar sandwich, I didn’t like them but I don’t really take sugar at all even as a kid.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Neil Anderson

      Pieces oan butter and sugar! Mind them well. And the stock answer tae the question, Whut’s fur dinner?, the answer wis always, shite and sugar pie. Them wur the days.

      In the early 80’s (mind them?), used tae huv rolls on monster munch. But that wis cos we wur so poor.

      • grumpyscottishman

        Don’t fancy monster munch on a roll I must admit, and yes it is fair to say that certainly for most of the 80’s we were poor also and so sad that my kids will no doubt experience the same given that the Tories are back in sole power in all their glory, scumbags.

        Thanks for commenting.


  2. Stan Wilson

    Yes, love a crisp sandwich especially cheese and onion or salt and vinegar….. now my mouth is watering…have to go.

  3. Terry Entoure

    Need to gently disagree with your fixation on traditional crisps and their sandwich compatibility. I’d kill for a Frazzles sandwich right now. The unavailability of a pack of Frazzles just makes the idea even more delicious. Hula Hoops definitely don’t suit a bread sandwich but I reckon they’d work a treat in a granary baguette. Monster Munch in a ciabatta? Yes, please. Space Invaders panini? That’s a billion dollar business idea wrapped in dough.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Frazzles is interesting, they are good. Hula Hoops is a big no for me in any shape or form. Monster Munch is interesting, maybe beef flavour but not so sure about Space Raiders, esp Pickled Onion as they are strong.

      Thanks for commenting.


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