Bluster Boris

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnston has been sabre rattling for the Daily Mail and Tory Right in relation to what the UK will have to pay the EU as a result of Brexit.

Boris Johnson, foreign secretary, thinks Brussels’ negotiating position is “absurd”. Boris Johnson also suggested European leaders can “go whistle” if they expect Britain to pay a divorce bill for withdrawing from the European Union, he went on to say the sums demanded by Brussels as a price for a deal were “extortionate” and signalled that the UK would refuse to pay. Boris I think is full of it and in for a rude awakening.

The Financial Times have said the UK leaving bill is likely to be in the region of €55bn to €75bn, reflecting Britain’s share of the EU’s property and cash assets, some elements of Britain’s budget rebate negotiated by Mrs Thatcher in 1984 and the UK’s share of spending in the current budget period running to 2020. No matter what anyone says in the Tory Party, or Government, the UK will face a bill for leaving and it will be in the billions either way and probably the high billions at that.

I think if I was Boris Johnson (and thank God I’m not) , and the rest of us for that matter, I would be more concerned about his comments regarding No Plan B Munguin’s New Republic and the fact that the Banks that we saved with our money and that the Tories so cozy up to, in fact kiss the bankers arses, are now leaving. So much for loyalty and faith in Britain.

I wonder if anyone will get them to pay us poor plebs back all the bail out money before they leave for Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, Hong Kong etc. How many Tory MPs are on their boards? That would make for an interesting answer given previous scandals such as Tory links to the Libor fixing as reported in The Independent in 2012.

The more the Brexit negotiations go arse over tit, the more people like May, Johnson, Davis and Hammond talk about a good deal the more I am convinced there will be an awful deal. Their so called friends are running now and this Government might just fall as a result, not a bad thing in my mind at all.





  1. bjsalba

    You might be interested in this:
    It is a piece from a German Newspaper reporting something in the FT, which shows that Boris was grandstanding to no avail.

    The UK Government has for the first time recognized in principle that the UK has financial obligations beyond the Brexit beyond the European Union. According to a report by the “Financial Times”, this is the result of a letter to the British Parliament

    • Anonymous


      The UK will pay and it will be a lot. The Yoons will talk big and do nothing but the Tory back benchers might make life interesting. May can’t win, soft Brexit she is gone and hard Brexit she is gone just takes a little longer. Labour could win a GE but they are in no shape to govern so we are looking at a new dark age, surely that will be enough to convince en to vote yes.

      Thanks for commenting.


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