Not for me, armed American Law Enforcement in Scotland

I noticed some news online today that I must admit surprised me.

I appreciate that this practice takes place in Dublin , and six other countries if reports are correct, but the thought of armed American Immigration Officers at a Scottish Airport is not something the Scottish Government should allow, if they have any control over it.

There are enough guns on the streets and in our airports without adding any more, especially American ones. UK Immigration Officials are not armed and don’t seem to have had any problems, it’s bad enough that armed Police Officers has become a common sight on our streets now while there is zero evidence that it is a deterrent at all. American law Enforcement, if the reports we see are true, appear to have a shoot first policy and the last time I saw anything 48% of the UK were against Police Officers being routinely armed and 47% for, so a bit mixed but this was from 2004.

Do we really want, or need this so the queue goes down a little faster!

There are those who believe that armed Police are required, in the event of an armed robbery regular Police Officers  stay concealed like the public do, of course keeping the public safe while they also protect themselves, while they wait for armed back up to arrive at the scene but Police are armed in Germany, France, and in Turkey and that did not stop terrorist incidents at Airports. Given the recent history of shootings, rightly or wrongly, by Law Enforcement Officers in the USA do you or I really want them at our airports, I know I don’t in any shape or form.



  1. trispw

    I’m at a loss to understand why we need American immigration people in UK airports.

    I suspect that if it is a matter of immigration, then the Scots will have no say in it… except for Mr Mundell and possibly Colonel Davidson. And they, of course, fold their tents to whatever size Mrs May says. (Unless, in the case of the colonel, when it will affect her personal life.)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get it either I really don’t. I appreciate it might speed up the lines but do they really need guns to do it, if they will do it without the need to wear their guns then fine, if not then no. I also suspect the Scottish Government or Police Scotland have no say over this at all.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Anonymous

    Having used the Dublin version personally, it makes things 100x faster. Well, at least the two times I did it, I was in customs for about 3 minutes.

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