Somedays, I just want to give up on some people!

I was having a wee look at Scot Goes Pop and just could not believe the facts that James Kelly was showing in a Scottish sample from a recent YouGov Poll and just had to go and have a wee look for myself, James was 100% correct of course and I was just 100% amazed and disappointed.

Westminster % of the vote [Weighted by likelihood to vote, excluding those who would not vote or don’t know]

Conservative 38 UK 25 Scotland Labour 46 UK 36 Scotland Liberal Democrat 6 UK 5 Scotland SNP 4 UK 31 Scotland Greens 1 Scotland. Data Sets

For more detailed analysis of the poll always go to Scot Goes Pop, but I was very surprised to see Scottish Labour 5% ahead of the SNP in Westminster voting intentions. No doubt this will form next weeks SNP bad and independence dead stories in the yoon rags, but it does make you want to give up with some people it really does. We have been failed over and over and over by the Westminster Unionist Parties for as long as I have lived, if not longer, yet some people are willing to cling to straws that somehow Labour will save them from the worst of this or any Tory Government. Labour are just a different colour of Tory Government. What the f don’t people understand.

Independence, in my opinion, is the only thing that will ever allow us to build the country and the democracy we need, to build the inclusive and decent country we want to be. Being attached to the rest of the UK, with its system and patronage, will only operate for the very few at the expense of the many. The UK as it stands will work to keep the majority down, and Labour are no different. Do people really think Corbyn is going to save the day, no he is not, he never will. He will pander to the same vested interests that Labour have always done, and do it badly, as Labour have always done.

I just don’t understand some people, what will it take. Some days I just want to give up, not because I have lost faith in the belief that independence is the right and only path for Scotland but because some people are just not worth the effort in any shape or form.



  1. Lanark

    On the morning after the referendum, I thought that it was all over for independence for a long time, if not forever. However I was really heartened by the way people rallied behind the SNP in the 2015 election and basically refused to lie down.

    I thought then and still think that if we just hold our nerve and keep voting for pro independence parties and reject the three tory parties in every election at all levels, we will build up an unstoppable force.

    We have been hit with a tsunami of British nationalist propaganda and sadly it is working with too many people. Why did so many drift away from the SNP this year? Not all went to Colonel Ruth’s mob. Many didn’t vote at all. Why? If they feel it was a waste of time, then they are falling into the trap the British establishment want them to.

    As for the Yes voters who fell swooning into the arms of British Labour, what the hell are they doing? They are being taken for mugs. All the crap about a better Britain. Labour are a tool of the establishment to keep the potentially rebellious plebs in order, just talk a good game and keep us in our place. Will Corbyn abolish or even reform the Lords? The Monarchy? Let’s face it the guy’s as much as a revolutionary as Jacob Rees Mogg. Have we learned nothing from 50 years of being taken for granted?

    Corbyn has no interest in Scotland, to him and his British nationalist sidekick McDonnell, we are just a version of Lancashire with funny accents and tartan skirts. And they treat their branch office with the contempt it deserves.

    If Scotland does fall in love with the tory parties all over again, we might not be too wee or too poor but we are certainly too stupid to ever be an independent nation.

    • grumpyscottishman


      It is an onslaught now because they are very afraid, esp the result of Brexit that the yoon media are avoiding any serious analysis of in any great detail other than their usual foreigner bad bullshit. Some of those who will back Scottish Labour will of course remain YES voters, the concern I have is that without the SNP being strong in both Holyrood and Westminster there won’t be another referendum and the yoon know this, they know without a strong SNP, while the issue won’t go away, they will be able to keep it at bay in the medium term, at least 10 to 15 years. On top of that there is my feeling that some Scottish people are as thick as shit if they fall for the same old Labour crap they have been feeding us for the last 100 years. Corbyn, as you say, has little interest in Scotland other than trying to get another couple of MPs from North Britain.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Alan

    It was a subsample of 167 people. Margin of error apparently up to 8%, from the 3% expected of normal polls. Wait for the next full sample poll before losing our minds! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’m not losing my mind, yet LOL. I appreciate the sample is small with a large margin of error but I tend to think there has been a shift. What is worrying about that is the fact that we need a strong SNP at both Holyrood and Westminster to ensure Indy2 happens and is not pushed into the really long grass by the Tories who would love to be able to do that, helped by both the other Tory parties in Scotland. I know people who remain YES voters but have shifted back to Labour and fail to see that any weakening of the SNP will result in a harder fight for the SNP and the ability to hold another referendum, and I also just don’t get how they can even think of voting for Scottish Labour, they are unionist fanatics who will use their vote to ensure Scotland never returns to being self governed. I think we all need to keep an eye on this one.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Alan

        Well, I wouldn’t describe our goal as being more MPs and MSPs. In order to win the finals, we need +50% of the vote, period. Keep the Yes % up in the polls – and remember quite a few people appear to be pro Scottish Independence and pro Corbyn(however inimical those two goals are to each other). I, too, like the picture of an independent Scotland next to a socialist independent England – but that must be the English’s decision. The only place Yesser-Corbynistas can express that is in a Westminister vote for Labour(hard unionists know where to go) and I wouldn’t expect that to carry over into a Holyrood election. However, unless there is a second snap election(looking less likely as days go by), our election schedule means there are no voting to be held until 2021.

        As for IndyRef2, I think it will happen. But it is largely dependent upon what sort of result emerges from the Brexit negotiations. For example, if they do wind up revoking Article 50 and we stay in the EU(perhaps after a second EU referendum), clearly the grounds for an early IndyRef2 has gone. If they secure a 3-5 years long transitional deal leading to full exit(in 2022 or 2024?), the grounds become very fuzzy. If they simply walk away and crash out, the lock becomes a quadruple.

        However, that transitional deal is the likeliest outcome. It clings onto the status quo for Britain – there will probably be more runs on the pound, etc. as significant points become clear, but it’ll be like the past year has been until the end of the transition. The serious impacts won’t come until after the final exit – when we switch off the EU package and activate all those lovely deals Doctor Fox will make. As I said, it makes the grounds fuzzy – one argument then would be that the UK doesn’t actually leave the EU’s jurisdiction until 2024; invalidating Holyrood’16’s mandate by deferring the situation into another parliamentary term.

        • Anonymous


          I do think that we need as many MP/MSPs as possible, we have seen from the yoons that any reduction is promoted as a reduction in support for independence and while not true it does highlight that we just don’t have a media presence to counter the argument.

          A lot will depend on Brexit I totally agree with you there, I have little idea of how that will turn out but I do suspect it will be a bad deal or stay in. I watch a lot of euro news when I have the time and it has been suggested that there might be a treaty change that would require the UK to vote and therefor a way to remain, other countries are concerned about free movement although that side of it has never bothered me at all. I don’t think the Tories can get a good deal due to their back benchers, if they accept a weak deal then the Tories as a party will split at the seams I think.

          Interesting times.

          Thanks for getting back to my reply.


  3. 100%YES

    Personally I have said before the SNP should focus entirely on Holyrood elections and let the unionist who love the GB/UK go to Westminster. That way what ever crap Westminster chucks out its only a unionist to blame.

    • Anonymous

      I see where you are coming from and have tended to agree with that view in the past but from reading people like Craig Murray I am convinced we need a strong SNP in both parliaments or indy2 just will not be allowed to take place, certainly any time soon, even at the end of Brexit.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why it is no longer working, it must be the YouGov end but the data sets can be found on their website in the politics section with the latest poll.

      Thanks for letting me know.


  4. greig12

    I know how you feel And I agree with much that’s been said. Trouble is that there are still many people who think that no matter how bad the UK gets, an independent Scotland will be proportionately worse. There’s also a lot of election fatigue about and I’m not sure how true a picture the polls are giving.

    We need to stay positive during the propaganda onslaught and not start slagging folk off.

    I would like to see more from the SNP though.

    • Anonymous

      I think that there are people, on both sides, who are entrenched in their position and won’t ever change. There are too many who still don’t pay enough attention and we need to encourage some of them to try and do that but I appreciate the yoon media don’t help in any shape or form. I don’t think I am slagging people off per say just expressing an exasperated opinion, I just say how I feel as many do but without the abuse, or I hope without any abuse although no doubt I have had my moments. I do think the SNP need to be clear, their GE campaign was all over the place, they keep trying to be everything to everyone and that as we know will not work in the longer term, it gives the impression you don’t really stand for anything or have a clear vision. Not giving up but some days with some people I certainly feel like it.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Paul Snowdon

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m done with polls.
    The reputation of UK polling companies have been correctly trashed in the last couple of years…total propaganda.
    I’m afraid that many Scots have crumbled under the tsunami of MSM lies, returning to the comfort of ‘Stockholm’.
    These people are going to have to experience the full pain of Brexit before they wake up.

    • Anonymous

      think a lot of people feel that way but I only ever go with the analysis from Scot Goes Pop as James Kelly is very good at understanding how it all works. There has been a tsunami of lies, you are not wrong there and my fear is that this has driven some people back to Scottish Labour who are unionist through and through.

      Thanks for commenting.


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