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So Glasgow Rangers lost their tax ruling appeal in the Supreme Court in London and this has now led to calls for them to lose the trophies they won during the period 2001 to 2010.

It appears that Glasgow Rangers by paying  players and Managers through employment trusts avoided tax and national insurance payments. The club argue that this gave them no sporting advantage,  bullshit.

Of course it must have when you think of the players they signed during this period. Would these players have signed if they were paying the same as the rest of us in tax and national insurance? Me thinks not. 

Some fans are calling for the honours they won during this time to be declared void or awarded to the runners up, I have some sympathy for that. I am no fan of the Old Firm, they have done nothing for Scottish Football for years, since they forced the rule change on shared gate money the game in Scotland has just gotten worse. 

Glasgow Rangers themselves are a disgusting club with traditions that are a stain on Scottish Football, their association through some of their suppprters with the Orange Order and disgusting sectarian songs brings shame on the game, as does the failure of the Scottish Football Association to act. Murdo ‘the Queens 11’ Fraser Tory MSP is a Rangers fan , says it all really. 

What will happen, I suspect nothing will happen. The SFA are about as much use as a chocolate teapot, they have adminstered the demise of the game in Scotland along with clubs too afraid to stand up to the big two. Personally I would love for Celtic and Rangers to move to another league but who wants to import that hate into their own leagues. The SFA should strip Rangers of the honours they won during this period in question but they won’t,  they don’t have the balls. 



  1. 100%YES

    Let’s hope they go out of business altogether or better still move to England or Northern Ireland.

    • Anonymous


      It would be great if they would move but I doubt it will happen, the only league that would take them would be the league of Ireland. They tried to move to England years ago and rightfully they said no way, they didn’t want the extra competition or the rubbish that comes along with the gruesome twosome.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Lanark

    Please forgive any inaccuracies in the following comment, as I have to admit to not being a football fan.

    Being brought up in what I like to describe as a brightly coloured family, it was always inevitable that I would be taken by my father to watch “the Rangers”. Much to his and others annoyance, I never showed any enthusiasm. He kept trying though and I was taken to quite a few games.

    In those days the old firm had some teams capable of beating them regularly and winning honours. I remember Dundee United doing well in Europe. (sorry I don’t remember Aberdeen so clearly). My dad told me that there used to be many good challengers like Kilmarnock, Dunfermline and Dundee who got to the semi finals of the European Cup.

    I had to look up when the last non old firm team won the league and it’s over 30 years ago. No wonder people don’t go like they used to. The old firm have sucked all the life out of the Scottish league and any Scottish teams that go to Europe all seem to do really badly.

    I agree with 100 %yes above, they should either close down (my preferred option), or go elsewhere. Strangely though for people who love England so much, the last time they went there, I believe they wrecked it.

    Should they be stripped of the titles they won during that time? Absolutely.

    • Anonymous

      I was a huge Dundee FC supporter when I was younger, season ticket holder. I then drifted away but went back in the 90’s and took my son, again season ticket holders but when Dundee got promoted I knew that the games would be messed about due to tv so stopped buying a season ticket and once you stop going it is very hard to go back. Scottish Football is on it’s knees, it’s too expensive for what you have to watch, Celtic and The Rangers have sucked the life out of it for too long, when they changed the gate money rules in the mid 80’s from shared gates that was the start of the downfall I think.

      Even if I do go to a game I never go to any involving the old firm and never ever Rangers, they really are the scum of the earth of a club. No decency about them at all, I think half of them just go to sing their hate songs against Catholics and if the SFA had any balls they would have dealt with this issue yeas ago, huge fines, play behind closed doors until they stop but they won’t do a bloody thing and as you said no one else has won the league in 30 years, it is boring. I am still a Dundee fan but I know they won’t win anything and while I still go to an occasional game and watch the free games on tv I don’t really get excited by it anymore. I don’t really watch English Football either and cancelled my Sky subscription last Christmas when it hit £100 per month, too expensive and the money going into the pockets of greedy players and agents who in the main when you learn about them are mostly as thick as shit and not very nice people at all, I just thought I am not paying for that anymore. My wife misses it more than me as she is a huge Arsenal fan.

      I would like to see something done to try and make Scottish Football better and more competitive but it will take a euro set up to be honest and all the leagues are the same now, England, Spain etc., one or two teams win everything based on billions of pounds of debt, immoral when people go hungry and use food banks.

      Thanks for commenting.


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