They’re at it again

I was having a wee surf of the net today and saw this story in the Guardian and just thought to myself, either they are wanting to commit hari kari or they are the stupid party.

It appears the Liberal Democrats are willing to support the TORIES on policies of mutual interest, not a coalition or a dirty deal, but they will back the Tories when appropriate.

At a time when the Liberal Democrats are all but wiped out, when they should be fighting the Tories and their coalition of hate with the DUP, they are meeting with them for dirty deals. Have the Lib Dems no shame, or sense, or decency. They might as well just join the Tory Party, they are Tory in all but name anyway.

Willie Rennie, life long Tory and branch manager of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, will be delighted to see his branch of the Tory Party returning to their natural home. 

Of course now the story has broken the Liberal Democrats are trying to deny this


The Conservatives confirmed that they had spoken about working together on areas on which they agree. 

Who to believe. 



  1. Stan Wilson

    It beggars belief, if this is true. It also makes a very damming statement about politicians and their “deeply held beliefs”, their honour, their commitment to their constituents and enhances the already widely held belief that the are only and always will be interested in their own career first. What a let down and betrayal of democracy, alas I remember it well, RIP, your demise will be missed in British politics. Good news however, still vibrant in Scotland, land of the free. Saor Alba

    • Anonymous

      The truth is probably in the middle, they had informal talks, didn’t reach any firm agreement but I suspect the Tories might throw them a bone or two if they back them. The interesting thing will be if they do back them what will their voters and the wider public think. I don’t think they have any honour to be honest, ,my biggest regret has been my brief membership of that party. I am pretty cynical about all the parties right now but obviously have more time for the Greens and the SNP as their policies are more in line with what I agree with and of course indy.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Andimac

    I don’t find this news in the least surprising. You posed the question, “Have the Lib Dems no shame, or sense, or decency.?” No, they don’t. Unfortunately, I live in a constituency which elected the self-seeking Ms Swinson as one of the few LibDems to get a Parliamentary seat. I described the electorate’s choice as reminding me of the old saying – like a dog returning to its own vomit. The LibDems are shameless careerists and opportunists and I predicted they’d get back in bed with the Tories as soon as it suited them. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them jump ship to the Tories if they thought they’d benefit. They’re no better than the DUP. When they went into coalition with the Tories last time, I wrote to our then MP, Ms Swinson, that Nick Clegg was giving Judas Iscariot a good name. I actually think that applies to all of them. However, as a party they’re a busted flush and there’ll be no coming back for them – why vote LibDem – Tory Lite – when you can vote real Tory?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t envy you Jo Swinson at all, you are spot on, a total careerist and a Tory to boot. Her husband is, or was, the Tory MP for Cambridge and the last time she was an MP I heard she spent virtually all of her time in London with lackeys doing the surgeries etc. She would fly up once or twice a month, attend something, get a photo taken and off you pop. She fits in well with her party though, opportunists of the worst kind, they will do anything and say anything to stay relevant even though they are a zero party now and I would not miss them if they died a death, Labour also to be honest are just as bad. I don’t go with all the Corbyn bullshit, he is no friend to Scotland I know that much.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba

    I wonder if the Tories tried to blackmail them into it. After all, they did join in the No second independence referendum Unionist team in Scotland. As they were broke, where did the money for that campaign come from?

    Mind you that could be a real can of worms, but in my opinion the Tories are desperate and will try anything, and that would include making whole deal-in-the-making out of a rebuffed approach.

    • Bruce


      I think the Tories are desperate and I’m not so sure I would trust the Lib Dems. Any party with Jo Swinson in it is all but Tory anyway. I think the truth of the story will be in the middle and the Lib Dems are just stupid enough to fall into a Tory trap again.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Lanark

    Can’t add much more than the comments which are spot on. What can we expect from the party of Swinson, Carmichael, Rennie and Clegg?

    • Bruce

      They certainly set a new low during the coalition and here in Scotland they have the union cheerleader bouncy castle Willie. There is a part of me that hopes they do a deal with the English DUP as it might just virtually kill them off.

      Thanks for commenting.


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